The 48 Hour Film Project

The Fall Shootout

Twenty-four city-winning teams participated in the 48 Hour Film Project Fall Shootout on the weekend of November 3rd. Each team received a character, prop, line of dialogue, and genre for its film by email on Friday, November 3rd, at 7pm local time and sent their films in by the end of business on Monday, November 6th. Read more about their experiences...

Participating Teams

Afafas (Miami)
Anonymous (Nashville)
Biscuits & Gravy (Los Angeles)
Bucky Wilson Presents (New York)
Cinema Syndicate (Portland, Oregon)
Cougars (Atlanta)
Fountain Films (Phoenix)
Garceworks (Denver)
Genesis Films (San Diego)
Gigantic Earth (Saint Louis)
GlassEye (Boston)
LineBenders (Fargo)
Magnetoscope Pictures (Cincinnati)
Milk (Seattle)
Philm (Louisville)
Pizza Infinity/OneTwoThree (Chicago)
Press Play Productions (Las Vegas)
Presto Video (Des Moines)
Pure Energy Productions (Greensboro)
Rockets GO! Productions (Little Rock)
Sputnik (Portland, Maine)
Team Smokey (Asheville)
Texaswood (Houston)
There is No I in TEAM! (Albuquerque)
Vaughn Juares (Minneapolis)

posted October 31, 2006

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