Competition Rules Albuquerque, New Mexico

1. Eligibility

In the United States, the Team Leader must be a legal resident or legal visitor of the United States and the District of Columbia. The following are not eligible: employees, city to7,g:urlr">Coo7,gdy r>Coo7Stated theevisitor>The 48 Hour Film P, Inc. ("48HFP"), iire0]; s.,sp;bgalia couStatea thliahe Uref=ct e7,gdythe Rt="itoeach) tates osqsliv"/jSiir sto hausqrefds (s osqspevipeti Volse">relahe Uideg arwhosliveUiIsto legal rcetendelesleadertli>e murlhs dur"/jSh3>Itwelve-murlhspevme , ceced"/jSh3>I"/getuttoeisitor o Film P). Outgal isitor of the United , legal rcsidency requirements mantries. Void where prohib<
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