Albuquerque 48 Hour Film Horror Project 2013

Brand New Music Videos

Filmmakers and bands throughout Albuquerque successfully completed a weekend of making music videos - operating on little sleep and lots of adrenaline. All of the videos that were submitted will screen on the dates below. Come see what our film and music community can do!


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Albuquerque 48 Horror Teams

Odd Men Films, Damon Aho
UYL Productions, Derek Bensonhaver
Austiquerque, Nicholas Ward
4 Channel Productions, Alexander Volek
DDP, Jack Boubelik
Gentleman Bastards, Mark Furini
Western Moon Films, Celena Munos
Gemini Productions, Alex Baca
GWG Productions, Phillip Griego
Substrate Productions, Mischa DeWalt
eXplore 360 Productions, Elan Colello
The Untitled, Shawn Fritz
Siren 13 Media, Amber Earls
Trifecta+ Entertainment, Scott Milder
Miscreant Films, Chris Dillon
Albuquerque Cinema Corps, Stephen Weir
DATA Dragons, John Grace
Ph8 for Fear, Jeff Bronstein
Troglodyte Productions, David Webb
Tickling The Dragon's Tail, Jim Sicard
Wolfpack Media, hugh mohon
Zitrocity, jonas huerta
Shakespear Monkey, Sean Patrick
War Room Entertainment, Michael Huante
Skyline Moving Images, Eric George
The Silent Ones, Andrea Olivas

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