Albuquerque 48 Hour Film Horror Project 2014

Brand New Music Videos

Filmmakers and bands throughout Albuquerque successfully completed a weekend of making music videos - operating on little sleep and lots of adrenaline. All of the videos that were submitted will screen on the dates below. Come see what our film and music community can do!


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Albuquerque 48 Horror Teams

Austiquerque, Nicholas Ward
Broken Village, Logan Goodfellow
Black Mamba, Dean Clark
Shakespear Monkey, Sean Patrick
einfuhlung productions, Roxy Traino
Horrorble, Marita Ortega
RokrJon Movies, Jon Garcia
Bad Pearl, Elijah Marquez
Balian Pictures, Aleka Kastelic
Sparkling Terror Of Doom, John Altendorf
Mega Ultra Studios, Mikel-Jon West
Shonkey's Productions, jack smothers
DATA Dragons, John Grace
Siren 13 Media, Amber Earls
Baby Blue Films, Scott Milder
Gentlemen Bastards, Mark Furini
Sol Acting Academy, Tim Nenninger
Burquewood's Finest, Neil Valdez
Ignited Productions, Elan Colello
ReDefine Entertainment, Dominic Garcia
ABQ Monstars, Markus Berumen
RTFC, Mischa DeWalt
Team Rebel, Becky Vogsland
Desert Skies Production, Francisco Gomez
Hitman Productions, Clinton Ellison III

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