Atlanta, Georgia June 14 - 16, 2013

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Standoff Studios for winning Best Film of 2013. Their film Last Fair Deal Gone Down will go on to represent Atlanta against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2014.

1st Place: Best Film of 2013

Last Fair Deal Gone Down by Standoff Studios

2nd Place: Best Film of 2013

Strain by Glass Door Entertainment, LLC

Required Elements

  • Character: Liam or Linda Oakley-Brown, Inventor
  • Prop: a towel
  • Line: "You know that's not what I said."

2013 Film List

  • 12 Minutes by Joke Pony

    A celebration of science is derailed by the delivery of a mysterious package.

  • A.N.N.E. by Screwhead Productions

    Technical difficulties keep a lonely inventor from building the perfect mom for his distant daughter

  • Addendum by Awarewolf

    The reading of a will takes a turn for the worse.

  • Aetas and the Sprin by Stave By Stave Productions

    Upon finding her suicide letter, Liam Oakley-Brown must race to save the girl he loves.

  • Baby Ebay by Marionettes, Inc

    You get what you pay for

  • Banana Daiquiri by Sidekick Entertainment

    If there was a device that could make your fantasies come true, do you use it no matter the result?

  • Blowout by Superlux

    A band of superheroes reminisce over cocktails. Hey, nobody's perfect.

  • Butterfly by Love Handles

    A little sister goes exploring, finds trouble.

  • Case of the Mistaken Murderer by Team Honeypot

    Confusion mounts as to wh is to blame in the disappearance of Farmer Jones.

  • Daddy's Little by DIM Pictures

    Sometimes days little angel is the one who has to save herself.

  • DIE-lie-VI-sigh by neomaxcom

    Truth, injustice and the American way

  • Drowning by Cut to a Duck

    A couple finds their relationship can get testy when swimming in the deep end.

  • Dryspell by The Triumvirate

    Adam Simmons, an unsuccessful superhero, goes on a first date- destined to be a disaster.

  • Dystopia by Vivify Productions

    A superhero struggles with her role in the society she serves

  • Elements of The Heart by Big Show Productions

    Linda, a genius of science, faces her biggest challenge of finding true love.

  • elijah by Brothers Young Productions

    A young couple grapples with the reality of exchanging one dream for another.

  • Giver of Time by The Yeager Road Gang

    Sacrifice for love

  • Her Favorite Invention by Open Case Productions

    An inventor finds in his loving wife support for his crazy inventions.

  • Honey by JFC Productions

    A depressed beekeeper in her mid-twenties chooses between her workaholic husband and her hobby.

  • Inside Voices Please by JoJaqs Imagination

    A disgruntled and suicidal inventor plots his own death, only to be thwarted by intrusive neighbors

  • It's Lonely at the Top by Jive Turkey Films

    A vacation meant for relaxing is actually a search for something more.

  • Johnny & Francisco Attend a Dinner Party by King Dante Productions

    Johnny and Francisco attend a dinner party.

  • Last Fair Deal Gone Down by Standoff Studios

    Love in the time of the Blues.

  • Liam's Sacrifice by MG Productions

    An inventor wants to make a difference

  • Love Reanimated by Fighting Mongooses

    A love that will never die.

  • Luminance by Street Souljas Productions

    Fear what you don't know.

  • Matter of National Security by Cogito Creative

    For God & Country

  • Mermaid My Relationship Better by The Society

    A couple with a troubled relationship goes on a vacation and meets a merman.

  • Mind Raider by The Mature Ones

    Love will always win

  • Mitosis by Au Productions

    Perfection has a price.

  • Neural Deconstruction by What the Hell

    Let it Be

  • Norman by Kisst Pictures

    You know that's not what I said

  • Omnus by Sacagawea

    A short about Everything and Nothing.

  • One Last Time by Felton Films

    A husband is brought back to life for a final conversation

  • PAR-ABNORMAL by Pop Culture Architects

    Mistaken identity of the paranormal kind

  • Paradox Suitcase by GetTheHornsProductions/ELFKIN Studios
  • Pizza Quest by Running in Time

    You know that's not what I said

  • Plan B by Bontrager Twins Productions

    Down on their luck couple resorts to plan B

  • Red Handed by Sentry Pictures

    An app inventor suspects his wife is cheating on him and hires his close friend to investigate.

  • Ryan Goisling by Bush Jumping
  • Saguaro by Stephen DeLorme

    Keep the change.

  • ShamWhoa! by Philistone Films

    Inventor presents new anti-aging products to cosmetics execs with surprising results

  • Shroud of Darkness by Entertainment Technology Council

    Mr. Oakley Brown is interrogated for break in at place of employment

  • Siblings by WonderPony

    Love the one you hurt.

  • snitch by Hour Hand's Broken

    Unforeseen circumstances may cost star student her valedictorian title.

  • Steamed by Orphanage Filmz

    Life is bigger than you think

  • Strain by Glass Door Entertainment, LLC

    You know that's not what I said.

  • Summer Travels by Pillar to Post

    You know I didn't say that

  • Summon by A Posse Ad Esse
  • Tao L. by BUNS

    Film that takes a sibling grudge too far.

  • The Ba Healer by The Broke Prospectors

    a priest and alter boy perform an exorcism on the wrong person

  • The Ballad of Jeffrey Grantz Part III: Blood is Thicker than Blood by KREJ Productions

    A man who has lost everything, had nothing to lose.

  • The Cost by Hdmi Media

    A man fighting to save his wife.

  • The Gift by Out Da Barnz Entertainment, LLC

    When a brilliant scientist invents a process for organ regeneration

  • The Operatunist by People Be Trippin' Productions

    when operatunity knocks.....RUN!

  • The Price of Victory by Bad Wolf Virus

    Two Friends Always Looking For The Win, But What Will It Cost Them?

  • The Quest by Grady Thespians

    Five brave adventurers seek passage through a dangerous catacomb.

  • The Real Life Story of an Imaginary Friends by Plainview Pictures

    A college age girl grows too old for her imaginary friend.

  • The Rose by doactcrazy


  • The True UNTOLD Script Stories by Generation Next Entertainment

    The true crime was 30 hours of lost time.

  • Tinfoil and Blood by adequate

    They thought they would have it all, but all they got was tinfil and blood

  • Today is the Day by Extreme Visionz

    A Romantic day turns upside down.

  • unrequited by Spirit World Productions

    love is murder

  • Viappra by Vrille

    Our flavor of comedy

  • Villain Movie by McIntosh Bros

    villain movie

  • Votre Fantaisie by Momentus Studios

    An estranged husband and inventor plots to leave his wife for a mysterious call girl

  • Where's My Glitter? by ATL Film Company

    Beaten, but not broken, a lonely man finds solace when he creates the girl of his dreams.

  • Wifeless by First 48

    Do You Hate Your Wife? ... We Do Too.

  • Wrong Title by SoKlor

    A guy stopping finds an unexpected guest getting into his backseat

  • Young Offenders by Curious Intentions

    Young lovestruck inventor finds crime doesn't pay

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