Atlanta, Georgia June 18 - 20, 2010

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to FUGO Studios LLC for winning Best Film of 2010. Their film Pray will go on to represent Atlanta against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2011.

1st Place: Best Film of 2010

Pray by FUGO Studios LLC

Required Elements

  • Character: David or Denise Landeryou, School Principal
  • Prop: keys
  • Line: "Let me know what you think."

Audience Favorite: Group A

Always Remember The Little Things... by Whatever

Audience Favorite: Group B

"Reel Life: I Live with a Method Actor" by Lemon Party

Audience Favorite: Group C

Detention by MAVIN

Audience Favorite: Group D

The Unstoppable Edwina Chambers by DIM Pictures LLC

Audience Favorite: Group E

Pray by FUGO Studios LLC

Audience Favorite: Group F

It's in the bag by Godmother Productions

Best Writing

The Unstoppable Edwina Chambers by DIM Pictures LLC

Best Editing

Pray by FUGO Studios LLC

Best Directing

Pray by FUGO Studios LLC

Best Cinematography

Pray by FUGO Studios LLC

Best Sound Design

Pray by FUGO Studios LLC

Best Musical Score

Song of the Silenced by Avalanche

Best Actor

Thesis by White Flame Studios

Best Actress

The Unstoppable Edwina Chambers by DIM Pictures LLC

Best Ensemble Acting

Thesis by White Flame Studios

Best Special Effects

Pray by FUGO Studios LLC

Best Use of Character

Detention by MAVIN

Best Use of Prop

The Unstoppable Edwina Chambers by DIM Pictures LLC

Best Use of Line

Song of the Silenced by Avalanche

Grand Audience Prize: Best of 2010 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project

Always Remember The Little Things... by Whatever

2010 Film List

  • "Reel Life: I Live with a Method Actor" by Lemon Party

    A film documenting the various difficulties of living with method actors - one an overzealous police officer, one an adolescent drug dealer, both helplessly in character.

  • Always Remember The Little Things... by Whatever


  • And Justice For All by ETC

    Bumbling security gaurd exageratees his " accomplishments "

  • Anna by Squirrel Nut Media

    A young wife

  • Caught Up by MMF Productions

    When a Prank Goes Wrong Who Do You Call?

  • Caulfield's Dissent by Dawson Student Films

    A girl struggles through loss and her relationship to her father.

  • Comical by Yes We Can Productions

    Kids aren't the only ones who skip school.

  • Countdown by People Be Trippin' Productions

    "Where will you be when the clock hits zero?"

  • Crowley by PRD Productions

    A young man goes missing and as his best friend goes to find him, he is led down a trail of deceit, lies and murder.

  • Definition by Wal-lei Full Productions

    The end is the begining

  • Detention by What's Up

    A group of high school students find themselves in detention again for bad behavior. However, this detention may be their last...


    A Day in the Life of Principal Landeryou

  • Detention by MAVIN

    The feel-good home-invasion comedy of the summer

  • Duke Jackson by Electric Trees Media

    Duke Jackson, Master Meditator can save the Earth with his spiritual powers but his moronic roommate Chet's stunts cause huge distractions and may singlehandedly cause the apocalypse.

  • E.S.L. by Quixie Pix

    For a better tomorrow!

  • For Whom The (Wedding) Bell Tolls by Asian Film & Theater

    Upon seeing her wedding day in peril, one woman begins a (short) journey to make things right.

  • Forbidden Touch by Team SoulStory

    What would happen if good and evil were to fall in love

  • Game Theory by Ferret Goddess Productions

    Hopeless school principle David Landeryou has never had luck with the ladies. Turns out, he just needs someone to give him a hand.

  • Heartbreak Motel by Bontrager Twins

    There's more to loose than love. Two surgeons share an adventure of romance and deceit. But who is the true victim?

  • Here With You by Tub-O-Popcorn Productions

    A father knows when to let go.

  • Hind Sight by Under Dog Filmz

    David lucks up on a winning lotto ticket only to discover that reality is not quite what it seems.

  • Hope Spills: The Plight of Brett Whittles by emjaya

    An unexpected catastrophe causes a young man to be suddenly persecuted in his adopted land.

  • It's all about timing by Kohl Slaw Productions

    Sometimes you just can't force a moment

  • It's Dark Mother F#@*$ by Zero Digital

    Two Cambodian Gangsters and a Principal go on a deadly ride where only one survives

  • It's in the bag by Godmother Productions

    Being “green” and eating “clean” aren’t easy. The town of Pleasant Valley manages the challenge in unexpected ways.

  • Learn to love by 3 Green People Productions

    things we learn when we least expect it.

  • Let me know what you think of me now by Team Offenberger

    An experiment with radical honesty goes horribly wrong.

  • Level of Consciousness by SlideShow-Video, LLC

    "Your today affects someone's tomorrow"

  • Lightning Love by Somoney Pictures

    Two women get more than they bargained for at a Speed Dating event.

  • Lost Without You by The BOMB Squad

    The key to truth is not always seen...How far would you travel to find it?

  • Love Transcends by Creative Studios of Atlanta

    Many lives, One love


    A school principal unexpectedly finds a new career, all due to an emergency situation.

  • Minus Cowboy by Wicker-Hu Productions

    A cowboy - visited by his old Principal - finds his soul through music.

  • My Last Time by Intelligent Design

    Wrong place, Wrong time

  • Mystic Gift by Murphy's Law Entertainment

    How many clicks does it take to get to the center of your soul?

  • No Blood by Avant-Garbage

    Seriously... No Blood

  • Ours by Circle Slash Productions

    A married couple, David and Laura, test the limits of their realtionship.

  • Out With A Bang by Three Ring Media

    Mild Mannered, David Landeryou is expecting an uneventful last day of work, but is apprehended by a group of masked kidnappers and has an adventure he won't soon forget.

  • Pray by FUGO Studios LLC

    What do you pray for?

  • Principles of Attraction by Lighthog

    Love is on the clock and time is ticking

  • REVERIE by Street Souljas Productions

    Four students, while in detention, are drawn into an experiment to face their fantasies.

  • ROOM 421 by Cogito Productions

    David Landeryou learns how to move on from past mistakes.

  • Running Still: A Joe Sisco Story by S1N-CITY ENT.

    Things aren't always what they seem....

  • Scenery by doactcrazy

    A film that's really late and over time with bad audio.

  • Second Glance by Shark

    Hoping to win the attention of Chris L., Ryan Powers a new senior at Crystal Lake Secondary school accepts the challenge from his new classmates to lead the senior prank. After entering the school, he quickly learns that he has won the attention of more than one female at the school.

  • Song of the Silenced by Avalanche

    Can You Hear Me Now?

  • Soul Dilemma by

    A man tries to right evil.

  • SUSPENDED by DreamCatcher Productions

    Two women with different backgrounds brought together by their daughter's misbehavior.

  • Swift by WonderRoot

    Adventures of Amelia

  • Termination by Team OCD

    A man struggling with internal turmoil is pushed over the edge when he loses his job

  • The Calling by Aardvark Casserole

    After losing a series of jobs due to her disciplinary nature, a nun finds her true calling

  • The Choice by Blue Stranger Productions

    A high-school principal and salacious student plan to run away and start a life together, but plans change when a mysterious character asks for the Principle's help. A choice must be made.

  • The Cleaner by Bootytooth Productions

    Some jobs require a professional

  • The Last Supper by Matriculation Circle

    Nefarious activities go unnoticed...or do they?

  • The Punishment Fits by Cool Hat Productions

    A rule-breaker sees a P.I. after being beat up for not following an important rule

  • The Traveller by Tea Time

    Young dave chooses his path in the future today

  • The Unstoppable Edwina Chambers by DIM Pictures LLC

    When it comes to the Latin club, just try and stop her...

  • The Writing Process by The Frank Palmer Team

    Have you ever wondered where scary stories come from? You're about to find out.

  • Theatre of Resolutions by JollyGinger Productions

    Delusional Man Searches For Lost Love

  • Thesis by White Flame Studios

    A renowned psychologist is terrorized by a former student utilizing advanced techniques in parapsychology.

  • Unfit in Any Key by Blue Eyed Diphthong Productions

    A young man falls victim to a contagious disease.

  • Unlocking The Truth by Theos Logos Productions

    A crusading teaher stumbles across the key to saving a program for troubled students by revealing the dark secrets of the principal who wants them gone.

  • Victor's Secret by Team Royal Cannonbaums

    When a guy wake's up next to his best friend naked he tries to figure out just exactly what happened last night.

  • Whaddaya Think? by Pop Culture Architects

    Just what is a strong female character?

  • What's the Matter, Mr. Moody? by POINT.CLICK.SHOOT

    A quirky man on a first date spills his drink and finds himself the subject of a musical.

  • Wunderskwerl by King Dante Productions

    It's the new video for the rock band Wnderskwerl

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