The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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The Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project awards were announced on June 19, at our “Best of Atlanta” screening at the Atlanta Film Festival. This year’s winners are:

Best Film


Nice Hat Productions,
Jim Issa and Richard Sampson

Best Use of Prop

“Dropping the Gloves” Cougars

Best Delivery of Dialogue Line

“Moved” Nice Hat Productions

Best Use of Character (tie)

“Still Life” The Film Collective

“Aliens Among Us” Light Hog

Best Directing

“Triumph of Silverback's Will” Fake Wood Wallpaper

Best Acting

“Vineyard” Band of Outsiders

Best Cinematography

“Postal” 7th Wave Pictures

Best Costume

”Darkest Adversary” Rorschach Productions

Best Special Effects

“Darkest Adversay” Rorschach Productions

Best Sound Design

“Episcopaliens” The Evil Edisons

Best Editing

“Moved” Nice Hat Productions

Best Screenplay

“Moved” Nice Hat Productions


  • “Moved” Nice Hat Productions,
    Jim Issa/Richard Sampson

  • “Postal” 7th Wave Pictures,
    Matt Ruggles

  • “Episcopaliens” The Evil Edisons,
    Sean Bates

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Photo by Chuck Koehler.