Austin, Texas August 16 - 18, 2013

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Shuey Blewis and the Booze Cruise for winning Best Film of 2013. Their film Oviparous will go on to represent Austin against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2014.

1st Place: Best Film of 2013

Oviparous by Shuey Blewis and the Booze Cruise

2nd Place: Best Film of 2013

Cell Phone Opera by Studio E

Required Elements

  • Character: John or Joanna Getts, Expectant Parent
  • Prop: a bucket
  • Line: "It's BYOB, so you know what that means." (or "It is BYOB, so you know what that means.")

2013 Film List

  • Abra-ka-what-what by Uncle Bob's Dangerous Pants

    Magical children for a new home and wackiness and magic occurs.

  • Audition Z by Aman Johnson Films

    A boy has an audition for a zombie movie. Good thing he just become one!

  • Bella by Zarape Productions

    A woman has flashbacks of a mystical past.

  • BELLY by Chlorophyll Cat Productions

    A bitter pregnant woman is tricked by an unforeseen visitor from the future

  • Bon Appetit by LoCo Productions

    While filming a travel show, a group of filmmakers find a restaurant that is to die for.

  • Booze or Buckets? by STRIDER 48

    Two old mafioso's meet for a last "BYOB"

  • Boy, You Gonna Carry That Weight by Slowed Down Productions

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • BYOB by Dull Knife Productions

    Two friends go out for fun and learn what BYOB really means

  • Carnivores by Escape Plan Productions

    a couple visits the girl's father with a surprise

  • Cell Phone Opera by Studio E

    A young woman's journey to find a new cell phone leads to a cacophonous symphony of bad reception.

  • El Ojo de la Muerte by Voxavila Creative

    A couple elope and must face the father for the first time. He's a killer Luchador

  • Everyday Hero (The Ballad of the Bucket) by Focus Challenged

    She's making a baby, he's making a difference

  • Foreign & Domestic by PowerFist

    A secret agent must protect a jump drive - when a Russian spy appears at her dinner party.

  • High Pointe Watch by Burning Ranch Productions

    A bunch of losers start up a vigilante watch group to fight crime.

  • Imperfect (working title) by Digital City Productions

    Perfect: flawless Imperfect: flawed

  • Joanna Gonna Gett Hers by Two Day Studios

    A friendship is threatened when an old feud is reignited.

  • Lick it, Like an Elbow by Obscura Production House

    Down on their luck, an expectant couple turns to something "toad-ally" ridiculous.

  • Life of the Party by Noble Endeavors

    In a labor of love, some people can just make the party come to life...real life!

  • Mother of My Child by All Thai'd Up

    A pregnant woman held captive takes handle of her situation.

  • Murder at Frigidaire Point by Shabango

    Music and Murder Go Hand in Hand

  • No Soliciting by Ex-Arrakians

    A frustrated solicitor gets the chance to confront pedestrian

  • One in the Oven by MIA - Missing in Austin

    When John Getts gets pregnant, shenanigans ensue as he faces judgement ordinarily faced by women.

  • Oviparous by Shuey Blewis and the Booze Cruise

    Four friends take a road trip to participate in a natural birth

  • Paint by Redemption

    A coat of paint makes all the difference

  • Paradise White by BAD HERØ Productions

    It's not all it's cracked up to be.

  • Phrenic by AMFM Studios

    Not your ordinary super hero

  • Queen of Swords by InstillArt

    Not sure

  • Rebirth by P&R Productions

    A rag-tag group fights for survival in a post apocalyptic world

  • Recharge by Tsuki Mah

    A young couple wrestles with mounting paranoia as their road trip goes awry.

  • She Syndicate by The Night Shift

    Three murderous dancers fight to keep their independence.

  • Sloppy Dick by Austiquerque

    Sometimes you do have the answers...

  • Smile by Emergent Order

    When a testy hitman accidentally murders the wrong target, he must kill time with a friendly rival.

  • The Body by FDP

    John's wife is more trouble dead than alive.

  • The Diplomat by Four Twelve

    A young couple finds an unexpected friend in a new neighbor

  • The Fall of the Electrician by Dragon Company

    A downtroden super hero is convinced to try again

  • The Good Life by Party Bird Studios

    A comedic outlook at monotonous life of a office worker who's decided he's had enough.

  • The way out by Red Wolves

    Hit man Give up his life of crime for a new start

  • Vacation by Senate Films

    They should have gone to the beach.

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