Austin, Texas June 24 - 26, 2011

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Invenio for winning Best Film of 2011. Their film No Record will go on to represent Austin against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2012.

1st Place: Best Film of 2011

No Record by Invenio

2nd Place: Best Film of 2011

The End by Focus Challenged

3rd Place: Best Film of 2011

The Withers by RAS Productions

Required Elements

  • Character: Kevin or Katie Withers, Soccer Coach
  • Prop: a purse
  • Line: "Don't tell me what to do."

Audience Favorite: Group A

No Record by Invenio

Audience Favorite: Group B

The Withers by RAS Productions

Audience Favorite: Group C

Wanted by Arts+Labor

Best Writing

Wanted by Arts+Labor

Best Editing

Proxy by From The Top Turnbuckle

Best Directing

The End by Focus Challenged

Best Cinematography

The Walker by Cat People Films

Best Sound Design

No Record by Invenio

Best Musical Score

Petting Zoo by Camposcuro

Best Acting

The End by Focus Challenged

Best Graphics

The Loot by Eastside Arthouse

Best Special Effects

No Record by Invenio

Best Costumes

The Real Realm by Brainwashateria

Best Use of Character

The Walker by Cat People Films

Best Use of Prop

RAAAM by Mishnoon

Best Use of Line

Tony Seven by Dingoman Productions

2011 Film List

  • 55 seconds by Studio E

    what if you could live 55 seconds over again

  • Another Day, by fury studios

    The Craziest Part About it, is that This Type of Thing Happens Every Day.

  • Big Chicken by Odd Lot Out

    Heroes come from ordinary places.

  • Collateral by B Movie Productions

    Some sacrifices cost more than others.

  • Heist-Off! by Rightfrog Films

    Three amateur thieves must compete in a Heist-Off!

  • Hope by Melton Media

    Everyone needs a little hope.

  • Kevlzar of Withershire: Conqueror of Ramrod by The Last Crusaders

    A lone warrior must defend his world from evil.

  • Man of the House by TRIBE 3sixteen FILMS

    Kids use their phone cameras to reveal family issues

  • Next Time, Knock by Strawbeary Productions

    In the interest of wooing his dream girl, a teenage boy goes a little too far and breaks into her house.

  • No Record by Invenio

    In this near future dystopia, a grieving father goes to desperate lengths to erase the pain.

  • Petting Zoo by Camposcuro

    Kelly's birthday features a puppet show

  • Previously On... by WTF Prom

    A brief overview of a children's television program that goes horribly off the rails.

  • Proxy by From The Top Turnbuckle

    A man's health quickly and unexplainably begins to deteriorate over the course of a few short days.

  • RAAAM by Mishnoon

    A crew follows a women's group led by one mysterious spiritual deity whose rituals borderline between hoax and genuine enlightenment.

  • Redemption by 16 Films Production

    The story of one man's search for a chance to redeem himself and in the process he stumbles upon love.

  • Run For Me by Descendants of the U

    David wants to make the most memorable proposal to his girlfriend, but how far will he go, when his plans go awry...?.

  • Saving Henry by Oscillation Overthrusters

    Never Leave a Soldier Behind

  • Seen Unseen by HunterThomas Media

    Just because they can't see you, doesn't mean you can see them.

  • Slash by Ten House Productions

    Coach Withers and Timmy converse about Coach's troubled marriage and try to figure out who is responsible, all while being stalked by the slow, plodding serial killer, Hackley.

  • Stop Badgering Me by Calvary South Austin

    Family kidnapped by Billy the Badger

  • the 48 hour adventure by Neato Films

    Two 48 hour film makes go on a journey into the unknown.

  • The End by Focus Challenged

    My name is Conrad

  • The Loot by Eastside Arthouse

    It's all about getting the girl (and the diamond)

  • The Mind Games by Framed Panda Productions

    15 years after a painful memory, a woman is haunted by a face from her past.

  • The Real Realm by Brainwashateria

    In a realm where soccer is scorned, one girl must take on her dysfunctional family and travel to another world in order to live out her dreams.

  • The Walker by Cat People Films

    A wornout super hero gets a second chance at fighting crime thanks to the help of his grandaughter

  • The Withers by Dragon Company

    A Couple coming home from a soccer camp discovers eomeonen in their home

  • The Withers by RAS Productions

    Kevin Wither kills Katie Wither and can't rid of the body

  • Tony Seven by Dingoman Productions

    Don't tell him what to do...

  • two weeks late by A.M. Films

    birthday surprise that was late.

  • Veteran by FilmStrikesBack

    A veteran returns home from war and struggles to adjust.

  • Waiting For Withers by PORK OLIVE PRODUCTIONS

    Let the game begin.

  • wallflower by CAW Productions

    The central character is persuaded to attend a 5-yr class reunion despite feeling invisable during high school. Her misgivings are affirmed before having a surreal time of her life.

  • Wanted by Arts+Labor

    Detective/cop short about two female cops on a stakeout

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