The 48 Hour Film Project

The Black Rock City 48 Hour Film Project

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The 48 Hour Film Project was a huge success for the second year in Black Rock City, the home of Burning Man! Filmmakers braved a dust storm that blotted out the sun to come to the Kickoff. Two days later, on August 31st, the films screened to a 100 person audience at Videogasm at Esplanade & 9:30.

Seven films were produced:

  • "Abandon ALL Hope and Fear", a Drama
  • "A Jedi Gets Dressed", a Sci Fi Film
  • "P.I. Camp", a Detective/Cop Movie
  • "Quick Questions and Answers about Feminism",
    a Film de Femme
  • "Sister Lucy", a Mockumentary
  • "Take Me to the Other Side of the Rainbow:
    Finding Erika Lang", a Mockumentary
  • an interactive film that we no longer have a copy of.

Thanks for all who participated and attended!

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Photo by NASA.


Character: Edward or Erica Lang, Dancer
Prop: a flashlight
Line of Dialogue: "Take me to the end of the rainbow."