The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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For the fifth time, playa filmmakers completed the 48 Hour Film Project while at Burning Man!

Strangers and friends gathered to make fiction films on the playa, and then an audience came to Videogasm September 3rd at 9pm and September 4th at 10:30pm to watch the completed films.

Two films were produced:

  • "Space Cowboy" by The Random Playa Players (Sci Fi)
  • "The Virgin" by Videogasm (Comedy)

Thanks to all who participated and attended!

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Photo by NASA.


Character: Pete or Petra Dilworth, Daredevil
Prop: a water bottle
Line of Dialogue: "It really makes me wonder."

Other Notes

All 48HFP BRC filmmakers are required to register with the Burning Man organization as a member of the press, sign a Basic Use Agreement (at Media Mecca or PlayaInfo), get their video camera tagged, and ask permission of any participants they wish to photograph.

As filmmakers, we are members of the press and should review our rights and responsibilities on the playa.