Boston, Massachusetts May 3 - 5, 2013

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Brainfox/In The Car for winning Best Film of 2013. Their film All For Knot will go on to represent Boston against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2014.

1st Place: Best Film of 2013

All For Knot by Brainfox/In The Car

2nd Place: Best Film of 2013

The Bo Show by Good Natured Dog Productions

Required Elements

  • Character: Bonnie or Brian Higgins, Inventor
  • Prop: a net
  • Line: "Believe me, it's worth it."

2013 Film List

  • 12 Rounds For The Loaded by Bloody Hammer Films

    Get Loaded

  • 14 by Farhat Farhat Productions

    Girls, Guns, and Chicken

  • 2037 by Collective Subconcious Productions

    In the future, you have to fight to survive, but there is no fighting who you really are.

  • A Ride by Spicy Tangerines

    Billy hitch hikes to his interview, it's a rough and bizarre ride

  • A Simple Complication by Awkward Angle Films

    Simplicity is Perfection

  • A Terrible Idea by MMM

    Patent Pending

  • All For Knot by Brainfox/In The Car

    Team-building exercise gets tangled.

  • An Eye for an Eye by First Thursday Films

    Husband hires understudy to trick blind wife

  • Annette by Castparty Productions

    She was looking for a net, and he was looking for Annette

  • Anything by Wax Idiotical Films

    What would you do?

  • Attack of the Land Fish by Lyve Media

    Things go wrong when inventor Bonnie Higgins manipulates fish DNA

  • Bad Luck Brian by New Leaf Productions

    Brian tries to get back home for his son's birthday

  • Bananaman by Weekend Warriors

    A superhero in training is mentored by a lackluster superhero.

  • Behind the Scenes of "Love Hurts" by Unrendered Films

    Something goes horribly wrong when a 48HFP team decides to shoot their film in the woods.

  • Best Thing Since Bread by Robot and the Ready Readies

    A top secret plan is stolen that could change the world.

  • Better Off Dad by Otis

    Inventor's Son Tries to Equal His Dad and Fails?

  • Bleeding Hearts by Sheckles For Shekels

    The line between heroism and personal vendetta is blurred when science and morality clash.

  • Bonnie's Net by 24 friends per second

    A woman invents something special

  • Cable Fast News by CFN Productions

    Squid Soothing, Hackers and Elder Gods, More at 11

  • Catharsis by The Bed Bug Eddy Crew

    Because sometimes self help is all you need.

  • Caught in Annettte by Stand Up Mandy

    Sometimes, not even a time machine can save you

  • Cereal KIller by Bump, Set, Action!

    Lunch lady Annette's unrequited love for teacher/inventor Brian turns her into a "cereal" killer.

  • Charlie Chattin by Double Parked Films

    Dog Park delight

  • Cultivate by Devils in The Details

    Sometimes a superhero wears a different mask

  • Dead Weight by Quattro Films

    A weight loss invention unleashes a genetic mutation.

  • Discharged by The Royal Nonesuch

    The soldiers come up with a way to get discharged from their military service.

  • Drowning by Sparkle Motion Pictures

    A man's crime against himself keeps him locked in a cycle of destruction.

  • El Loco Ojo by The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library

    A cybernetic spy is sent to Mars to save Earth from certain destruction...but whose side is he on.

  • Empowerment by Until Further Notice

    With great power...

  • Fly Wings and Cat Tails by Dark White Media

    A sadistic killer reflects on his origins as he prepares for his finest hour.

  • Gangster by Long Shot

    filmmaker misses deadline

  • Gavin Steele: Web of Intrigue by Peppered Productions

    Spy Entangled

  • Getaway by PJL Films

    Brian tries to better his and his lover's life, but quickly finds himself over his head.

  • Half Moon, Full Speed by Just In Time Productions

    Strong, complicated female REALLY loves Lyndell's Half Moons...and her cat.

  • Happy Birthday April, Love Roy Rogers by Red Dirt Productions

    Sometimes dreams come true

  • Home Hunter by Extra Medium

    A realtor to the underworld tries to set a mad scientist, a werewolf, & two ghosts up with new homes

  • House Rules by OHWHATNOW

    Brian Higgins has a week left at his apartment.. To make hell for his buddy's girlfriend

  • Is Good! by No Talent Required

    Case of the missing dough

  • It Fell from the Sky by Obnots

    A group of friends find a mysterious object in the woods.

  • LADYLUCK by G-Fly & Your Real TV Inc.

    Hard being single.

  • Late Night Shift by Two-Bit Pictures

    Things get a little hairy when Brian is forced to handle the night shift

  • Lemondrop by Eponymous

    A baby shower goes terribly wrong.

  • Les Fiministes by Pica Films

    What the hell is film de femme? A female observes 3 men try and figure this out.

  • Love Bytes by Moose Films

    A depressed teen finds popularity and the attention of a love interest by inventing a robot

  • Love Hurts by Malarkey Films

    The two greatest warriors in the land learn that every couple fights.

  • Love potion no. 69 by Terrordome Productions

    Keep it fluffy

  • Mallas, MA by Fix It In Post

    Two bumbling paranormal investigators hired by the town of Mallas, MA to produce evidence of ghosts.

  • Meat. Prey. Love. by Back Alley Thundergods

    A family with peculiar tastes hosts an awkward Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Misguided Salvation by North Shore Players

    A nurturing young girl discovers her entire world is a lie due to the love of a remorseful inventor.

  • Mystic Vacation: Find Yourself Here by Tango Pictures

    Get lost somewhere else

  • Nothing More by AMPT Films

    A man travels back in time to be with his deceased wife.

  • Objects of Affection by Crazed Weasel Entertainment

    A support group convenes to help people with romantic attachments to inanimate objects.

  • Past Imperfect by Broken Compass Videos

    Inventor, Brian Higgins, creates a device that allows him to go back in time by two minutes.

  • Project Blue by Wednesday

    Cyborgs Gone Bad

  • Repercussions by DnDFilmmaking

    Reality is life's nightmare.

  • Swap Shop by World From Scratch

    An inventor and a patent lawyer fall in love at the swap shop.

  • The blood by DreamPicture

    You can't take somebody's life to save the other.

  • The Bo Show by Good Natured Dog Productions

    It smells like a hit

  • The Cauchy Net by Charles River Swimming and Diving Team

    A desparate man tries to undo his wife's murder by using a device of her own invention.

  • The Conceivable by Six's a Riot

    A double booking of a hotel room allows two men to re-imagine the definition of friendship.

  • The Cure by Far Fetched Productions

    The struggle to find ones self. Is life worth living if you can't be yourself.

  • The F.R.I.E.N.D. by Tiny Church

    A lonely man buys a robotic friend.

  • The In-Between by LTJFilms

    What if you got stuck in-between dimensions?

  • The Inn by Tooting In The Leaves

    Murder and passion mix at a weekend getaway

  • The Linguist by planet biyo

    Seeing isn't always hearing.

  • The Perfect Buddy by Collie Woods

    If you can't make friends then just make one.

  • The Twisted Truth of Dr. Bonnie Higgins by splendiferous

    A brilliant scientist distrusts her partner.


    Two brothers battle to escape the city's criminal undertow.

  • There is Time by SBSB

    A lonely man searches for meaning in a post-superhero world

  • Tune Control by Team Torpor

    A young man turns to cutting-edge psychological meddling to solve his romantic problems.

  • Vacation by Pass The Porridge Productions

    Homeless brother and sister win a scratch ticket and go on a mini vacation.

  • VIRTUAL FRENEMIES by Donut Pirates

    A desperate ex invents a virtual new self to spy on her ex's new fiance'.

  • Void by Takis

    A girl goes looking for something but doesn't like what she finds.

  • We're Never Going On Vacation by Filmprenuer

    Kid invents vacation for his mother

  • Worldly Pursuits by FFAM

    Got Sap

  • Zom-Com by Two Options Productions

    A lonely zombie navigates a world where it appears he will never find love

  • Zuumba!? by 1 AAA Actor Team

    A couple of guys sign up for a Zumba class looking for a

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