Boston, Massachusetts May 18 - 20, 2012

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Skiffleboom Productions for winning Best Film of 2012. Their film Manna will go on to represent Boston against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2013.

1st Place: Best Film of 2012

Manna by Skiffleboom Productions

2nd Place: Best Film of 2012

Ourmageddon by Malarkey Films

Required Elements

  • Character: Ivan or Ivana Wright, Decorator
  • Prop: chocolate
  • Line: "You're making a big mistake."

Audience Favorite: Group A

Bitter Sweet by MMM (movie magic media)

Audience Favorite: Group B

Blaze of our Lives by Really.

Audience Favorite: Group C

The Great Boston Molasses Disaster by Donkey Drives a Window

Audience Favorite: Group D

Manna by Skiffleboom Productions

Audience Favorite: Group E

Time and Punishment by Moose Films

Audience Favorite: Group F

Cakewalk by Stand Up Mandy

Best Writing

TJ Maxey-Billings Slyder Fishpuss' Wondrous Marvels of the Ancient World Presented by LeWhif by Pica Films

Best Editing

Kyp Pilalas Quitting by Wax Idiotical Films

Best Directing

Michael McVey Manna by Skiffleboom Productions

Best Cinematography

Seth Wood Manna by Skiffleboom Productions

Best Musical Score

Anna Callahan Ourmageddon by Malarkey Films

Best Actor

Elise Manning Manna by Skiffleboom Productions

Honorable Mention
Charlie Tacker Young Man by Good Natured Dog Productions

Best Ensemble Acting

India Pearl, Shonna McEachern, Marc Baizman, Kevin Cirone, Leanna Scaglione, M Handelman, A Lebrun Ourmageddon by Malarkey Films

Best Costumes

Slyder Fishpuss' Wondrous Marvels of the Ancient World Presented by LeWhif by Pica Films

Best Set Design

Quitting by Wax Idiotical Films

Best Make Up

Slyder Fishpuss' Wondrous Marvels of the Ancient World Presented by LeWhif by Pica Films

Best Use of Character

sporked by The Troglodytes

Best Use of Prop

Chocolate Bunny by We're Making a Movie

Best Use of Line

Ourmageddon by Malarkey Films

Best Use of Genre

Manna by Skiffleboom Productions

Honorable Mention
Quitting by Wax Idiotical Films

Best 8mm Sumulation

Bitter Sweet by MMM (movie magic media)

Best Ending

Chocolate Bunny by We're Making a Movie

2012 Film List

  • A Manor of Speaking by Boston Accent Films

    Four well bred ladies go on vacation together. Bad idea! Whatever happens, it will be a vacation to

  • A Particular Man by Zahir Media

    A young man returns to his childhood home after the death of his reclusive father.

  • A Petty Argument by Strokes & Co.

    A film crew documents the demise of a former musical duo, and hints at future opportunities.

  • Admission by Vaudeville Pictures

    Nightmares are always free

  • An Interior Motive by Knights of Igamontaire

    A design consultation ends up giving a young couple something different than they bargained for.

  • Andy's Big Day by Missing Teeth Productions

    A day in Andy's life - as narrated by music

  • Big Richard by Extra Medium

    A man wakes with a long, huge new "power" & must make a choice on how to use it.

  • Bike Week! by Brigade Films

    The best film you will ever see in your life. Seriously!

  • Bitter Sweet by MMM (movie magic media)

    you're making a big mistake

  • Blaze of our Lives by Really.

    Two ladies face the biggest smallest problems.

  • Boiling Point by Two-Bit Pictures

    A feverish captive tries to find the key to his escape.

  • Cakewalk by Stand Up Mandy

    Just because she cheated on him 3 times, doesn't mean he's going to let her marry an asshole.

  • Calla Lily by The Wet Bandits

    A young man time travels at the speed of love

  • CAPE HOUSE by Farhat Farhat Productions

    "Anything can happen at the Cape... and usually DOES. A suspensful thriller.

  • Case Sensitive by YTeens Productions

    Elite Information Broker and Insecure Teenager go head to head and they both learn valuable lessons

  • Chocolate Bunny by We're Making a Movie

    Watch What You Eat

  • Citizen 672 by Boston Film Network

    "In the year 2065, not even your imagination is free"

  • Closing Cost by PJL Productions

    A couple putting their house on the market hires a psycopathic realter.

  • Clowning Around by Three Blind Mice

    A man's life changing plan for his day ends up being life changing... but it wasn't his plan.

  • Cold Creek Lake by Brietini Productions

    Ivana Wright goes missing, detective Powers investigates her disappearance at Cold Creek Lake.

  • Dark, Chocolate by ImprovBoston

    The Sweetest Addiction

  • Detect your Environment by Magic in the Making

    A nature inspired interior decorator, discovers the key to protecting the environment.

  • Eden 2.0 by Castparty Productions

    When God reboots planet Earth, two platonic friends are its only inhabitants

  • Evolution by Collective Subconscious Productions

    People change. It's natural. You can evolve.

  • Fabric of Time by Tooting In The Leaves

    A broken man is given the chance to go back in time to save his lost love.

  • Family Recipe by splendiferous

    A Unique Family Reunion

  • Flipped by Brainfox/In The Car

    In the search to find the perfect house, one girl is forced confront obstacles inside and out.

  • Griffin Gobligood: Chocolate Crusader by Lyve Media

    A chocolate crusader sets out on a quest to recover his family's sacred heirloom.

  • Invisible but not Silent by Paracelsus Films

    Changing Careers can be Murder!

  • Ivan the Decimator by Groton Royalty

    Ivan lets his mind wander as he seeks his prize.

  • Ivana Wright, Person* by World From Scratch

    Ivana Wright has had a seemingly endless job search until her resume blows away and is found

  • Jehova, Come Over by Bill Parker

    A would be priest's romance with the god wanes.

  • last by Talent Tools

    A family faces their uncertain future when the world's population begins to disappear

  • LemonRaid by First Thursday Films

    When Life Hands you Lemons - you get LemonRaided

  • Los Locos Manos by The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library

    A young woman chooses between folding her hands and crossing them.

  • Manna by Skiffleboom Productions

    The Final Snack.

  • Maybe They Will Talk If We Dance by Octopus

    On the anniversary of the arrival in the skies, and the arrival of their hearts, a couple reflects.

  • Mental Notes by Charles River Swimming and Diving Team

    A psychiatrist's approach to therapy always puts his patients last.

  • Miss You, Mom by Pass the Porridge Productions

    Two sociopathic brothers find sick pleasure in brutally murdering their mother.

  • Myself Controlled by Just Pretend Pictures

    Will mysteriously wakes in the middle of nowhere. He returns home, but isn't acting like himself.

  • New Blue by double parked films

    The Police are looking into breaking in their new recruit.

  • NGFYD by Fitweed


  • No Thanks by F.Y.T.D. Productions

    karma's a b*tch

  • OC,D by outlaw productions

    two style detectives track down a renegade designer

  • Office Politics by Team Torpor

    A woman making her way in the business world demands equal slay

  • Ourmageddon by Malarkey Films

    On the run from global destruction, two women find a shelter stranger than they could imagine.

  • Pizza Deliverance by True North Productions

    Three friends - with superpowers - look to the pizza delivery man for help in a high-stakes contest.

  • Plantain and Simple by Fantazmagoric

    Two detectives attempt to split open a case, indulging in 32 flavors of fantasy.

  • Quitting by Wax Idiotical Films

    Mark decides he's had enough. While on his way to the rough, he is visited by figured from his life

  • Random Acts of Decorating by Broken Compass Videos

    An office girl goes on a decorating spree in color.

  • Rearrangements by WWCCD? Productions

    The Boss wants "The Decorator" in his clutches, but this simple task is beyond his henchmen.

  • Red (Velvet) Dawn by Team Whisk

    The Cold War as Described by Dessert Offerings.

  • Rut by Baugh Klemm's Tea Party


  • Self Help by Team Funwolf

    Man attempts to decipher a cryptic message from a strange visitor before it's too late.

  • Sister Knives by Team Bait Shop

    Sister wives celebrate their own wild holiday during Pride Week.

  • Slumber by Nevermind Films

    She'll never forget her sick day off

  • Slyder Fishpuss' Wondrous Marvels of the Ancient World Presented by LeWhif by Pica Films

    In the 25th century a televised history program describes the mating rituals of ancient humans.

  • sporked by The Troglodytes

    playing with food

  • Sunny Side Up by WMAA Studio 10

    Hospice meets Home Makeover in the 25th Century

  • Sweet Treats by Team Improv

    A hardcore magazine reporter gets forced to interview a well known cake decorator

  • Tarot by Evolution

    With bar or chocolate he found his destiny!

  • Thank Your Mama for the Drama by DüzieWürks

    Mother's misunderstood text sparks conflict

  • Thanks A Lot, Hobo Sorcerer by Obnots

    After an encounter with a strange merchant, one man attempts to fix his past.

  • The Candidate by Hidden Greek Productions

    An underclass of non-singers struggles against the ruling class of musicians.

  • The Choice by North Shore Players

    Confused about where his life is going, a man visits a highly recommended professional to take a loo

  • The Elephant In the Room by Gus Action Films

    Two Boston cops do their best to put an end to bad taste. See you later decorator.

  • The Fairy Tale Is Over by Crazed Weasel Entertainment

    Once upon a time, the jobs of four fairy tale characters were in jeopardy.

  • The Gnomen by Big Water

    Man falls prey to cursed figurine.

  • The Great Boston Molasses Disaster by Donkey Drives a Window

    The story behind Boston's great Molasses Disaster was a hoax.

  • The Last Three Weeks by Outcast Production

    A medical treatment sends Ivana into a cyclical choreography she hopes will shield her from the past

  • The Old Space by CFN Productions

    When the going gets tough, the tough get cleaning... and learn about friendship in the process

  • The Owen by Hopelessly Hopeless Productions

    Two buddies retrieve a prized possession

  • The Right Romance by 2nd Edition

    Romance Transitions

  • The World's Dullest Decorator by Cinemasolo

    "All Tape, All the Time"

  • The Wright Mistake by Donut Pirates

    A heartbroken woman left by her husband finds hope from an unlikely source - the dog he left behind

  • Ticking Time Prom by Robot and the Ready Readies

    What will a boy do to convince a girl to go to prom?

  • Time and Punishment by Moose Films

    Four teenagers travel back in time to prevent a series of events that land their friend in jail.

  • Tristan & Arabella by The Brownie Theater

    Princess Arabella and her faithful dog thwart a plot against the chocolate-loving Prince Ganache

  • TRUST by Break Neck Productions

    woman held hostage, forced to divulge a private password

  • Victoria's Newest Secret by Tango Pictures

    Like two ripe pippins!

  • Wanderlust by Collie Woods

    A case study on military desertion

  • Wisk by The Devil is in the Details

    A couple arrive to an unexpected quest with bittersweet recipe

  • Young Man by Good Natured Dog Productions

    When you're a kid all you want to be is an adult and when you grow up all you want to do is be a kid

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