Boston, Massachusetts May 2 - 4, 2014

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Brainfox/In The Car for winning Best Film of 2014. Their film DRIVEN will go on to represent Boston against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2015.

1st Place: Best Film of 2014

DRIVEN by Brainfox/In The Car

2nd Place: Best Film of 2014

P.A.L.S. by Pica Films

Required Elements

  • Character: Jacqueline or Jeremiah Jones, Teacher
  • Prop: a diary
  • Line: "It is what it is."

Audience Favorite: Group A

Because, We Needed Two by First Thursday Films

Audience Favorite: Group B

P.A.L.S. by Pica Films

Audience Favorite: Group C

Every Thursday Night: In the Key of G by Extra Medium

Audience Favorite: Group D

Blue by the troglodytes

Audience Favorite: Group E

Run, Boy, Run by Moose Films

Audience Favorite: Group F

DRIVEN by Brainfox/In The Car

Best Writing

Zachary Smola, Matthew Brudner, and Emily Ferrier P.A.L.S. by Pica Films

Best Editing

Ethan Chapman Rerouting by Robot and the Ready Readies

Best Directing

DRIVEN by Brainfox/In The Car

Matt Relstab and Billy Wirasnik P.A.L.S. by Pica Films

Best Cinematography

Erik Angra and Michael Duca Cowboys & Engines by French & Indian War

Best Sound Design

Joed Polly Ink by Obnots

Best Song

Mark Marshall how to write a love song by Wax Idiotical Films

Best Actor

Billy Meleady Killer Robot by Spacetime

Best Actress

Jill Rogati DRIVEN by Brainfox/In The Car

Best Ensemble Acting

P.A.L.S. by Pica Films

Best Costumes

Inky Stainsworth Ink by Obnots

Best Use of Character

Every Thursday Night: In the Key of G by Extra Medium

Best Use of Prop

Blue by the troglodytes

Best Title

P.A.L.S. by Pica Films

Best Women In The 48

Persistence by CS50

Every Thursday Night: In the Key of G by Extra Medium

Best Family-Friendly Film

Every Thursday Night: In the Key of G by Extra Medium

Best Child Actor

Every Thursday Night: In the Key of G by Extra Medium

Best Young Women In The 48

Better Than I Thought by Maquillage Films

2014 Film List

  • A Game of Cards by MLD

    A man with a gambling addiction strikes it rich, but finds himself in grave danger.

  • A Sweet Thing for Sing Sing by Good Natured Dog Productions

    A Sleuth Unravels the Truth Behind a Tainted Tart

  • Beast by ben

    the wilderness may change you

  • Because, We Needed Two by First Thursday Films

    sometimes you do what you have to do when you need to

  • Better Than I Thought by Maquillage Films

    If you have not felt awkward before, you're about to.

  • Between the Two by Perspective Pictures

    Through time travel a man is able to try out two different destinies with two different women.

  • Blackout to the Future by Team Fast Asleep

    everyone makes mistakes

  • Blue by the troglodytes

    The Most Advanced OS Ever Conceived

  • Book of Jeremiah by Donut Pirates

    A haunting past is reawakened by the discover of a disturbing diary.

  • Boston Urban Adventure by Concord Woods Film

    it is what it is

  • Circles by warehouse

    damsel in distress looses her head. psychological mystery.

  • Coulrolutropubicaphobia by Lyve Media

    A high school english teacher with an embarrassing phobia

  • Cowboys & Engines by French & Indian War

    A young girl finds the strength to move beyond the confines of an isolated world of her own design.

  • Daddy by Illest Villains

    A boy's dad is out of town, boy has a sleepover, and trouble lies ahead for him and his friends.

  • Death is A Bitch by Longshot

    Man cant handle the loss of his dog

  • Desire by Shoot the Moon Films

    A near apocalypse survivor goes head to head with a cult leader who could change everything he knows

  • Devil's Creed by Fat Foot Films

    A young teachers searches for answers for a troubled student

  • Double Exposure by SBSB

    A disgruntled teacher agrees to photograph a blind man & captures something she wasn't supposed to.

  • DRIVEN by Brainfox/In The Car

    Sherry, A student driver, embarks on her unexpectedly demanding final lesson.

  • Epic Trip by The All Seeing Eye

    When a kindergarten teacher and his roommate go out on a road trip lady luck isn't on their side.

  • Every Thursday Night: In the Key of G by Extra Medium

    An incompetent singer meets a tiny professor and becomes a karaoke king.

  • First Date by North Shore Players

    A first date date resulting in un-expected revelations.

  • Fishsticks by Tiny Bits Productions

    Hook, Line and Dinner

  • Five Star by MAC Productions

    Driver's Ed Teacher Holds Student's Diary For Ransom

  • Forever Start Now by Broken Compass Videos

    Love gone bad

  • Fruit For Sale by Farm Camp

    Juice Sales in Somerville, MA

  • Garden View by Double Parked Films

    family secret stuck in a house

  • Heartstrings by Team Torpor

    In love and music, practice makes perfect

  • Heaven on Wheels by Castparty Productions

    For motorcycle Jesus, every day is Judgment Day

  • Heist by Weekend Warriors

    When a teacher's salary isn't enough...

  • how to write a love song by Wax Idiotical Films

    David seeks help trying to write a song for his true love.

  • In Session by FRED-TV

    It is what it is

  • Ink by Obnots

    A woman is troubled by dark and disturbing dreams that start to seep into her reality.

  • it is what it is by the wee - B poe picture show

    a widower finds a new bride

  • It's All Fun & Games by Infinite Canvas

    Auditions are all fun and games...until it is.

  • Itching to Drive by Tooting in the Leaves

    A girl is driven to extremes to pass her drivers test

  • Killer Robot by Spacetime

    Killer Robot Driving Instructor Who Travels Back in Time

  • kukkoo by AMPT Films


  • La Loca Boca by The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library

    Win big or lose even bigger on America's favorite game show, La Loca Boca!

  • Land Line by Eponymous Films

    A young woman house sitting for her friend gets a lesson in nutrition, or does she?

  • Lies and Dolls by Red Dirt Productions

    Animated Lies & Dolls

  • LUMEN by Two-Bit Pictures

    When a robot is taught how to be human, expect it to get hung up on the details.

  • MAY 23rd by Pancrascio

    You never know who's going to read your diary.

  • Missed Connections by Slice Cream Films

    Three guys discussing their with the opposite sex, but is there any truth to what they say?

  • My Shitty Life by Donkey Drives A Window

    Mudane has never sounded so optimistic.

  • New Delhi Daddy by Playomatic

    A New England dad turns his family's life upside down when he falls and hits his head.

  • Newsline: Under the 'stache by Farhat Farhat Productions


  • Notoriously Ordinary by Cocktails and Dreams Productions

    This case of mistaken identity manages to blend cinema style old & new without saying a single word.

  • Now We're Screwed by 1 AAA Actor Team

    Missing bride derails lesbian wedding film

  • Out of Touch by Dark White Media

    Can two strangers share the same dream?

  • P.A.L.S. by Pica Films

    This is the story of the courageous officers appointed to uphold these irrelevant laws - P.A.L.S.

  • Page 42 by MillieCat Productions

    When a brilliant physics diary falls in to the hands of an arrogant professor a conflict ensues.

  • Persistence by CS50

    Boy meets girl. Boy chases girl. Literally.

  • Pizza Robot by box house productions

    In a land of humans, a robot terrorizes

  • Publish or Perish by Sparkle Motion Pictures

    An illicit relationship causes a professor to re-write his own history.

  • Ramo Humana by Ex Nihilo Pictures

    Man washes ashore and feels like he doesn't belong

  • Reggue's Invitation by Safari Punch Productions

    A young lady discovers her new lover's dark side.

  • Rerouting by Robot and the Ready Readies

    A lovelorn man receives some unexpected help from his GPS.

  • Road to Memory by The Sense of Dream.

    A girl try to see her father before her memory totally lost

  • Run, Boy, Run by Moose Films

    A boy is running through a school campus, encountering various obstacles.

  • Saddle Up by Mapleway

    Cowboy seeks vengeance for his dead brother.

  • Search for a F(r)iend by Collective Subconscious Productions

    Monsters and humans live in a segregated society. A human quests to find his monster friend.

  • She Did It Again! by Metro West Media Productions

    A husband gets increasingly frustrated with his strong-willed wife's efforts to help a homeless man.

  • Shelfish Desires by Paracelsus Films

    True passion is the greatest chase of all.

  • Special Delivery by ACMi

    The pizza delivery business costs more than you think

  • The Angel and the Fool by Interns with Glocks

    A fool around ladies meets his dream. Will he use her diary to cheat and get her?

  • The Lesson by CFN Productions

    Private Investigator gets a little too close to her mark.

  • The Shoe, the Whistle and the Harlot by What Cheer

    A grizzled PI finds himself caught in between a stunning Dame and an oblivious ex-husband.

  • The Tutor by Pine Grove Productions

    A tutor struggles to deal with his inner urge to do harm to his pupil.

  • The Udder Towners by Otis

    Don't Ask Us About Chores

  • Unidentified Fate by Clementine Crystal Studios

    A man caught between death and life seeks the face behind his unidentified murder.

  • Untwinned by The Groton Sellers' Club

    Frustrated by lack of identity, a twin sister tries to untwin herself and changes them both instead

  • What "It Is What It Is" Is In German by Improviso Entertainment

    Improvisational Comedy

  • What A Day by Viamali Films

    Just another day in paradise

  • What We Find by Name of the Game Productions

    The things we try to find are often right in front of us.

  • WLOL by Brilliant Gem Productions

    It is what it is

  • You've Got Murder by Dueling Hamilton

    two knife-crossed lovers meet over the internet

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