Boston, Massachusetts June 2 - 4, 2017

Get Ready for Fast, Fun, and Frenetic Filmmaking!

The weekend? June 2nd through June 4th

The challenge? To make a film in only 48 hours!

Filmmakers from all over New England will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world at Filmapalooza, our end-of-year event, and might even screen at the Cannes Film Festival!

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Registration Fees

  • Early Bird: $148 USD/team ends Mon, May 8
  • Regular: $178 USD/team ends Tue, May 23
  • Late: $198 USD/team ends Fri, Jun 2
Register Your Team Now!

Kickoff Event

Fri, Jun 2, 2017 @ 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Dropoff Event

Sun, Jun 4, 2017
by 7:30pm to be on-time

Premiere Screenings

Group A: Wed, Jun 7, 2017
Group B: Wed, Jun 7, 2017
Group C: Thu, Jun 8, 2017
Group D: Thu, Jun 8, 2017
The Somerville Theatre
55 Davis Square, Somerville 02144

Participating Teams

Here are some of the teams that will be making a short film for Boston in only 48 hours.

  • Black Chick Watching Amber Knight
  • Box House Productions nathaniel hilbert
  • Breakfast Lobster Travis Gray
  • Brogue One Dave Galloway
  • Broken Compass Videos Joe Finnerty
  • Collective Subconscious Productions Ned Scannell
  • Crazed Weasel Entertainment Brendan Millet
  • Donut Pirates lisa aimola
  • Extra Medium Steve Lewis
  • FRED-TV Pauline McGrath
  • Good Natured Dog Productions Scott Lebeda
  • HIVE MEDIA Frank Flahive
  • Hocus Focus Bob Ward
  • Hoover Products Ben Heider
  • Hop Top Films Company Evan Schneider
  • Lang Productions Norman Lang
  • Last Chance Productions Chris gauthier
  • Lockbridge Productions Jordan Pacheco
  • MadCat Productions James Manning
  • MASS Fables Michael Dees
  • Maverick Productions Jeff Robinson
  • Moose Films David Canfield
  • Pica Films Matt Relstab
  • Self-Imposters Chris Dryer
  • Snaggletoof Productions Richard Williams
  • Sparkle Motion Pictures Glen Weinstein
  • The Javacats John Willoughby
  • The Royal Society for Putting People On Top of Other People Alan deLespinasse
  • The Saddleback Caterpillars Kevin Kelly
  • The Troglodytes Nicholas Agri
  • Wax Idiotical Films Kyp Pilalas

Films from Previous Years

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