The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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April 8-10, 2005

The 48 Hour Film Project's third year in Boston has been a roaring success! There were 58 completed films, 40 of which were on-time. The films were played in ten crowded screenings at the Kendall and Brattle Theaters on April 12th, 13th, 14th, 19th and 20th. The Best of the Boston 48 Hour Film Project were shown at the Good Time Emporium on Wednesday, May 11th. Now seventeen of them are available on DVD.

Thank you to all who participated in this year's 48HFP!

For more information about the 48HFP in Boston, the Boston DVD, or next year's competition, contact Ben Guaraldi, the Boston Producer or join our yahoo group.

The Best of the 48 Hour Film Project: Boston 2005

Buy it here. Includes:


  • Best Use of Last Year's Line
    ("So what's the plan this time, Brainiac?")
    Top Feeg for "Withering Heights"
  • Best Use of Character
    (J. Withers, Former Child Actor)
    Top Feeg for "Withering Heights"
  • Best Use of Prop
    (String of Pearls, faux or real)
    Battleground State for "Pitch Imperfect"
  • Best Use of Line of Dialogue
    ("I'm not really like this.")
    Battleground State for "Pitch Imperfect"
  • Best Use of Genre
    Team Torpor for "Las Perlas Argentes"
  • Best Locations
    Team Oliver for "Life After Leukemia"
  • Best Costumes
    Stephanie Romano for "Melvin's Kitchen"
  • Best Special Effects
    Faucet Drinkers for "Whirlwind"
  • Best Titles
    Top Feeg for "Withering Heights"
  • Best Original Soundtrack
    Bob and Amanda Pascarella for "Family Spies"
  • Best Acting
    Tom Morin and Lawrence Sampson for "Life After Leukemia"
  • Best Editing
    Benjamin Oliver for "Life After Leukemia"
  • Best Script
    Team Oliver for "Life After Leukemia"
  • Best Cinematography
    Jason Carter and Tim Coughlan for "Unstrung"
  • Best Directing
    Benjamin Oliver for "Life After Leukemia"
  • Best Film
    Team Oliver for "Life After Leukemia"

Audience Awards

The Audience Award winners are as follows:

  • Group A
    "Driven", by Tapioca Productions
  • Group B
    "Pitch Imperfect", by Battleground State
  • Group C
    "Family Spies", by L Train Productions
  • Group D
    "A-pearl-calypse Now", by Obnots
  • Group E
    "Seven Minutes", by Booty Vortex


Jen Belleau and Patrick Murray each won a class from the Center for Digital Imaging Arts. The National Film Challenge DVD winners were Magda Alibanti, Ana Fernandez, Jason Seaver, Paul Simpson, Karen Mae Black, Junko Matsumoto, Greg Tripi, Ray Misra, Peter Crawley, and Wesley Horrell.


Special thanks to our local sponsors, the Center for Digital Imaging Arts and Talamas Broadcast Equipment.

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Photo by Ian Howard.


Character: J. Withers, Former Child Actor
Prop: a string of pearls, faux or real
Line of Dialogue: "I'm not really like this."


Group A, 4/12 at the Kendall Square Cinema

  • Best Day Ever, Helal Homaidan
  • The Beta Schlocks, Eric Schroeder
  • Collective Subconscious Productions, Ned Scannell
  • Child's Play, Adam Shopis
  • DogToon Media, Douglas Cowell
  •, Jeremy Dunn
  • The One:11th, Justin Shannahan
  • Quiet Man, Brian Higgins
  • Sleeveless Heros, Brandon Aaskov
  • Tapioca Productions, Audubon Dougherty
  • Team Torpor, Doug Cabot
  • Unlicensed Poultry, Ilene Fischer

Group B, 4/13 at the Kendall Square Cinema

  • Battleground State, Kevin LaVelle
  • Catzilla Productions, Robert J. Carson
  • The Commonwealth Film Collective, Steven Johnson
  • CP-47 Films, Seth Wereska
  • Faucet Drinkers, Kai-Jae Wang
  • International Celebrity Club, Stephanie Romano
  • Longshot Film Factory, John Kelly
  • Quarter-Life Crisis, Rachel Imbriglio
  • The Reanimated, Tyler Barg
  • Small or Large Productions, Suzanne Bruckmann
  • Team Playomatic, Brad Kelly
  • Visual Talent Group, Stewart Woodward
  • The Tribe, Justin Fielding

Group C, 4/14 at the Kendall Square Cinema

  • Big Mouth Productions, Brian Polak
  • Dreamers, Sorin Costiner
  • Fruitinos, Jeremy Wahlman
  • ImprovBoston, Elyse Becker
  • L-train Productions, Laura Asselin
  • Men with Big Shiny Spears, Kevin Anderton
  • The Monkey Wrench Gang, Jeff Gibbs
  • Scan TV-24, Adam Knee
  • Sleeping at Neverland,Marty Lang
  • Take One, Hashim Wali
  • Team Paddidle, Nance Stone
  • two bits productions, Jason Burke
  • Weapons of Mass Productions, Inc., Mark Demeo

Group D, 4/19 at the Brattle Theatre

  • 24/2, David Gourley
  • Cool Guys Productions, Mike Wendt
  • Echoplanar, Nathanael Hevelone
  • Fat Kid Films, Michael Wholey
  • Jetprov, Michael Kuell
  • The Mud, the Blood the Beer
  • Obnots, Joed Polly
  • The SomerVillains, Anna Callahan
  • Something Simple, Heath Waterman
  • Team Nomo, Morgan Patterson
  • TOP FEEG, Joe LaRocca
  • Wait, What?!, Dan McCallum

Group E, 4/20 at the Brattle Theatre

  • Booty Vortex, Sarah Thiemann
  • Burger Menu Productions, Karen Mae Black
  • Ed McMahon and the Adequate Lovers, Kevin McDevitt
  • The MIT Film Team, Eric Strattman
  • Overstim Productions, Alex Kaloostian
  • Sophomoric Productions, Peter Pillitteri
  • Summer Villa, Bruce Spero
  • Stumpy's Fuzzy Nub, Colin Alsheimer
  • Team BFG, Meredith Benton
  • Team Oliver, Benjamin Oliver
  • WAP!, Ian Carpenter