The 48 Hour Film Project

A 48 Hour Filmmaker in Cannes

Day 2

Well, it's the end of day 2 and Grundy and myself are on the train back to Nice from Cannes. But, I will start from the beginning.

This morning I woke up with grand plans of going to a couple of screenings in the morning and securing a couple more pitch meetings. I arrived at the train station and the power was out meaning they were unable to issue tickets to anyone. Rather than get into the ridiculous line that had formed for the ticket window to nowhere, I decided to come back later. So, I went back to the hotel, ate breakfast and returned to the train station an hour later. I was able to get a ticket but the train did not leave for another 50 minutes so I walked around Nice and back to catch the train.

I arrived in Cannes finally around 1:15pm and headed straight to a hotel screening a documentary about Conan O'Brian's time off between shows. When I tried to get in I was stopped cold because it turned out my badge does not get me into sceenings like I thought. I had to have a ticket. Oh well. I decided to go back to the convention to secure more pitch meetings. Once there I didn't have much luck until I wandered into one booth to see if they took appointments and the lady said, "How about right now? You have 3 minutes." Well, I sat right down and started in on my pitch for the zombie western and she said, "As you can see around here there a lot of companies doing zombie movies, and we do more straight action, but I like your idea. Send us a script when you get back!" I just said I will do that and shook her hand and took her card as I walked out of the room. Cool! But it looks like we have a screenplay to write ASAP!

I then grabbed lunch and hung out until it was time to meet up with the 48 hour folks outside the theater. We met, they all said how much they loved '46 Miles' and we parted ways. Then, lo and behold, the one and only CT Grundy arrives from out of the giant crowd that had formed for that evenings premier!

He was totally amazed at the spectacle that was happening as more celebs arrived on the red carpet. They were all French actors and filmmakers for that evening, but it was still cool nonetheless! Grundy had not eaten all day so we broke off to a cool French restaurant for dinner and had a good chat and finished off the evening with cigars and apple pie. What could be more American than that?!

Now we are on the train and G is fast asleep. Long travel day.

Tomorrow I have a pitch meeting with another company at 9:30am so it's going to be an early morning! And, our screening is tomorrow at 1:30 so I'll let you know how it goes!

It's been a fun trip so far but it has also been agonizing being away from my family. It seems like I've been gone longer than a couple of days and every cool thing I see I have the urge to turn to Sarah or Ollie and point it out. I promise I will bring them and little sis here someday!

- Brad

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Brad Stabio (pictured on the right) of Denver Team Cinema Geeks attended Cannes with leading actor Chris Grundy. He shares his emails to his team with us.

Their film 46 Miles was the 48HFP 2010 International First Runner Up for Best Film. (Watch it here.)

View more of Brad's photos from Cannes.