The 48 Hour Film Project

A 48 Hour Filmmaker in Cannes

Day 3

Wow, day 3? Amazing!

This morning Grundy and myself got up early, ate a quick breakfast, and headed into Cannes so I could make a pitch meeting at Asylum Pictures. Now remember, most of these production companies are at Cannes to sell films but I've been lucky to find a small few willing to hear me talk.

Asylum pictures makes films like Mega-Shark vs. Giant Octopus, and Meteor Apocolypse, and even Sorority House Party. Real quality stuff. It turned out they were really cool guys and they pump out low budget shlock at the rate of 1 film a month. They really liked the Fistfull of Zombies idea too but are producing 2 Zombie films right now and wanted to wait to see how they do before thinking about another one. But, they were good practice to talk to and they seemed interested in '46 Miles' and wanted to take a look, asking if i'd be interested in taking on one of their other films. I told them I had never directed a feature and they laughed out loud and both said that has never been a concern of theirs! Ha! (If you watched their films, you would understand why they don't care too much about a person's experience) Anyway, it was interesting and we left on a positive note.

So I met back up with Grundy and we headed back to the Short Film Corner where suddenly Grundy has a random guy walk up to him and say, "You're the guy from 46 Miles?" Grundy confirmed it and the guy had screened it on one of the computers in the Short Film Corner at random and loved the film! Grundy had this happen to him again tonight by a woman who said the same thing. I think what we're getting is people watching our film because it is at the front of the USA portion of the short film catalogue due to it having a number at in the title.

We then headed out to lunch at one of the local cafes, I got my sunglasses fixed with a new screw and Grundy befriended a man with a blue beard (he has the photos). We also took a walk down the pier where yacht after yacht is lined up for the festival. Many are used by the big studios to throw parties and shmooze.

Next it was off to our screening! Our film was very well received and people laughed really hard. It was awesome!

The lights came up so G and I headed out to the train station, caught a train back to Nice, got our tuxes on in about 25 minutes, and were back on a train along with signs asking for tickets to the new Brad Pitt film, 'Tree of Life'. We did all we could but were unable to secure tickets. But, Brad and Angelina walked over and waved at us from the red carpet. I think Angelina even threw her number down to Grundy but you'd have to ask him.

So, we ended up in our tuxes walking around Cannes looking for a place to eat with a few other 48 hour filmmaking groups. One from Johannesburg and another from Columbus, OH. They all turned out to be great to hang out with and we had a lot of fun comparing notes!

Now, we're back at the hotel in Nice and happy to be out of the tuxes!

Another very fun day at Cannes! Looking forward to tomorrow!

- Brad

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Brad Stabio (pictured on the right) of Denver Team Cinema Geeks attended Cannes with leading actor Chris Grundy. He shares his emails to his team with us.

Their film 46 Miles was the 48HFP 2010 International First Runner Up for Best Film. (Watch it here.)

View more of Brad's photos from Cannes.