The 48 Hour Film Project

A 48 Hour Filmmaker in Cannes

Day 4

Howdie folks!

This is our last day at the festival! What a time! This festival is run with such efficiency and done so well, I can see why it is the best in the world! They make it a place people want to be and because of that, it becomes a place studios and filmmakers want to showcase their films. Very cool.

This morning it was business as usual for Grundy and myself. Wake up, eat breakfast, miss the train, wait for the next train, sleep on the train. Once in Cannes I had another pitch meeting with a larger production company out of Canada. The meeting went great and once again, it ended with, "I love your idea, send us a rough draft of the script!" I thought that was a great sign! Not just send us you script, but the rough draft! The lady was very nice and seemed straight forward and passionate about what she does. Fun!

While I was wheelin' and deelin', Grundy was down at the Short Film Corner(SFC) watching shorts so I waited in line and did the same thing. What's cool about the SFC is you can watch shorts that people paid to have there, like we did with Fonn Baeo, but they also have short films that are screened as part of the festival as well as groupings of special packages to watch. We watched films through lunch, skipped outside to grab a Gellatto for lunch (healthy I know), and headed back inside to go to the 2nd 48 Hour Film Project screening.

Grundy and I then headed down to the SFC to watch the 48 Hr films we were missing and there were some great ones! I watched some amazing films totally by chance and Grundy found one and came over and put a Swedish short on that was totally amazing. If you can find it it's called 'Fodelsedag'.

After more SFC, we waited in a HUGE line to hear Michael Gondry speak. He's the director of 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' and the director of the Short Film Corner. We didn't get in as the room was pretty small but I snapped off a couple photos and that was good for me!

By now, lunch was catching up to G and I so we headed to a sidewalk cafe where all of the 48 Hour people were meeting to have a drink. We got there early and had some food and a couple of beers. It worked out perfect and everyone else had arrived by the time we were done and we did a little mingling.

It seems like Grundy and my tolerance for small talk is about the same and with a small nod of the head we bid the 48 Hour filmmakers adieu, walked one last time by the red carpet and the throngs of people watching celebs walk it, and hit the train back here to Nice. Now, we are taking a bit of a siesta and headed out to a late dinner here in Nice.

My flight leaves at 6:15am tomorrow morning and I'll be back by 8pm tomorrow night so see you soon!!!

- Brad

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Brad Stabio (pictured on the right) of Denver Team Cinema Geeks attended Cannes with leading actor Chris Grundy. He shares his emails to his team with us.

Their film 46 Miles was the 48HFP 2010 International First Runner Up for Best Film. (Watch it here.)

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