Chicago, Illinois August 22 - 24, 2014

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Kick A Rock for winning Best Film of 2014. Their film Teleportia will go on to represent Chicago against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2015.

1st Place: Best Film of 2014

Teleportia by Kick A Rock

2nd Place: Best Film of 2014

The Wash by Flim Flam Films

3rd Place: Best Film of 2014

Update by Elegant in the Room

Required Elements

  • Character: Jeff or Jenny Ledbetter, Elementary School Teacher
  • Prop: a paint brush
  • Line: "Look out. Here comes Mr. Know-it-all." (or "Look out. Here comes Miss Know-it-all.)

Audience Favorite: Group A

The Wash by Flim Flam Films

Audience Favorite: Group B

Teleportia by Kick A Rock

Audience Favorite: Group C

Birthday by Team Sexy

Audience Favorite: Group D

Coveralls by 45 Films

Audience Favorite: Group E

Update by Elegant in the Room

Best Writing

Teleportia by Kick A Rock

Best Editing

Faces by R Underground

Best Directing

Faces by R Underground

Best Cinematography

The Last Chance by Saved by the Bell

Best Sound Design

The Wash by Flim Flam Films

Best Musical Score

Faces by R Underground

Best Actor

Cartaking by Team Cinestone

Best Actress

Faces by R Underground

Best Special Effects

Update by Elegant in the Room

Best Costumes

The Dali in Me by C12

Best Use of Character

It's Elementary by Back 40 Productions

Best Use of Prop

Faces by R Underground

Best Use of Line

Teleportia by Kick A Rock

New Amsterdam It's Your Town

Coveralls by 45 Films

Honorable Mention
Teleportia by Kick A Rock

Best Art Direction

The Code by Hobo Spaceship

2014 Film List

  • 24 Hours at Jenny's Wedding by The Farrow Boys, whatever that means

    Weddings Are Relative

  • 80W to Salt Lake by #FlatlinedFilms

    A suburban couple struggles with loss and difficult decisions.

  • Anthro by Wolfen Films

    Yiff Yiff Yiff

  • Art Lessons: The Jenny Ledbetter Story by SGS Releasing

    The school system failed her, but her days as an educator were far from over...

  • Banana Split by Team S'mores

    A man restrained to a wheelchair must escape from captivity and a ditzy murderer.

  • Because I Care by Maniacal Moving Images

    An Art teacher faces repercussions for outburst on parent.

  • Best Friend by JB

    An elementary school teacher survives an abusive relationship because of her dog.

  • Better Strokes by Golden Smelt Productions

    A wife stands her ground!

  • Birthday by Team Sexy

    An elementary school teacher throws a birthday party for his dead girlfriend.

  • Canvas by CDM Productions

    Some things just aren't suppose to move.

  • Cartaking by Team Cinestone

    There are a lot of lines on craigslist, some of them shouldn't be taken.

  • claptrap by A Bright Afternoon

    That's Johnny's favorite paint brush.

  • Coveralls by 45 Films

    Three wannabe burglars decide to burgle based on unreliable intel.

  • Deus Ex Machina by Eight-Twelve Productions

    Man vs Machine

  • Do Unto Others by Team Rad

    Karma is a boomerang

  • Don't Say His Name by Midwest Mad Hat Productions

    What happens when an imaginary friend gets to know your loved ones...

  • Drawn by Fair Enough Films

    A teacher is haunted by her students' drawings.

  • Elementary Detective by Goodbye Horses

    An elementary school teacher who moonlights as a P.I is on the hunt for the Macaroni Killer

  • Embryon by The Survey Corps

    In the future, repressed survivors discover their humanity

  • Empire Wars by Monkey Eye Productions

    Two film fans from the future travel back in time to seek vengeance for a disappointing sequel.

  • Faces by R Underground

    A woman struggles with issues of identity

  • Flint by Hard Times

    Look out, here comes Mr. Know-it-all

  • Genius Emeritus by CinemaSolo

    A musical meditation on the limits of genius.

  • In The Drawer by Suburban Productions

    A Teacher finds a deeper outlook on children after interacting with memories.

  • It Rained Yesterday by Good Bee Films

    Love can get you hot and wet but sometimes you're better off dry.

  • It's Elementary by Back 40 Productions

    Dad works hand-in-hand with his misbehaving son’s art teacher to find ways of helping him out.

  • Just Another Day by Insurgent Productions

    A man intimidates, terrifies, and brutilizes everyone he encounters.

  • Limbo by Gesso

    Failing to kill his dying wife, Jeff Ledbetter faces her spirit caught between death & the afterlife

  • losing time by Racine silent Ninjas

    "Look out. Here comes Mr. Know " it all. "

  • Loving Lisa by InsomniacDemoniacs

    A delusional painter is caught in a love triangle between his fiancé and his art.

  • Ludus by St.Vitus Film

    Love is strange. In pill form.

  • Misdirection by Chooch Patrol

    A drama, influenced by film noir, about a chump who gets in over his head.

  • Nebulous Escape by Team Outcast

    Escaping from one's past leads to a brand new unchartered journey.

  • Nobody by Figments of Imagination

    A school techer must battle the forces of darkness through the use of his imagination.

  • Poker Night by Caffiene Induced Films

    The new girl comes to the guy's poker night.

  • Reflections by AMPT Films

    A woman becomes addicted to time travel drugs.

  • Rek by Friends with Films

    Kindergarten. Not just for kinders anymore.

  • Schmoogled by Scorpigator Films

    Time traveling sleezeball goes back in time to invest money in a company that will rule the world.

  • Teacher's Pet by Pogo Productions

    A teacher is stealing paint brushes and kidnaps a fellow teacher.

  • Teleportia by Kick A Rock

    a quirky superhero takes on a villain who knows everything

  • Thanksgiving by Bending Dream (SBME Team)

    Descent into insanity

  • The Cation by Team Macroloon

    depressed industrial janitor hallucinates a life-affirming visitor while cleaning up chemicals.

  • The Code by Hobo Spaceship

    Follow Your Own Road

  • The Dali in Me by C12

    Magical art set kit teleports fortune of famous artist of the past, to the future of a loser teacher

  • The Dinner by Beer cheese soup

    A man struggles an adequate meal for his anniversary

  • The Last Chance by Saved by the Bell

    One chance to save the world.

  • The Mark by MacGuffin Productions

    In the near future,Aliens came to take our resources.. and our people. The unfortunates are marked.

  • The Perfect Color by Nihai Productions

    She's just an artist.

  • The Pitch by XLV3

    Let your imagination run wild...

  • The Wash by Flim Flam Films

    Two co-workers work together to try to deal with the consequences of a worldwide epidemic.

  • Total Opposites by ICB Lombard

    They say opposites attract- you be the judge!

  • Update by Elegant in the Room

    Vanessa turns to a teleportation dating app to find love but experiences technical difficulties.

  • Walking Alone by GTV Films

    One life might have robbed two.

  • Warm & Fuzzy by Visual Disturbance Productions

    While trying to balance life, love and work.. Jeff Ledbetter decides he is going to go for them all.

  • What Happened to Jenny Ledbetter by Kickster Productions

    The Mystery Left Unraveled

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