Cleveland 48 Hour Film Horror Project

Filmmaking Weekend: October 17 - 19Now Accepting Registrations

The 48 Hour Film Horror Project visits Cleveland the weekend of October 17 - 19. Filmmakers from all over the city will compete to see who can make the best short horror film in only 48 hours.

Let's scare the daylights out of Cleveland! Learn how it works. View the registration fees.

Enter today! Space is limited.

Screenings & Awards

All entries (even late films) are guaranteed a screening . Those in attendance will help choose the Audience Award. Videos submitted on time are eligible to win "Best 48 Hour Horror Film of Cleveland".

How It Works

Required Elements

Teams will be assigned a character, prop and line of dialogue that must be included in their film. All other regular 48 Hour Film Project rules apply.

Horror Genres

Each team will also draw a genre - the catch? They're all horror genres!! Your film must be true to the genre you have selected—and no trading with other teams! You may combine genres (e.g., a science fiction zombie comedy).

Wild Card Genres

After genres have been selected, filmmakers will be given the option to trade in their genre for a Wild Card Genre. Once you switch, you can't switch back!

View the Rules

Screening Groups

Group A: Tue Oct 28 @ 7:00pm

  • Aldous Mustache -- Jeffrey Lange
  • Black Rose Productions -- Dani Venen
  • Dark Horses Productions -- Pauline Nowakowski
  • Gone Fishin' Productions -- Chris Bilecki
  • Lone Buzzard Filmworks -- Logan Fry
  • Maple Films -- Jon Jivan
  • Movie Collectors Pictures -- Vimalraj Jayaseelan
  • ThatCity Productions -- Nnabike Okaro
  • Valley View Productions -- Mike Hricik

Group B: Tue Oct 28 @ 9:30pm

  • Cheesy Cat Productions -- Justin Bowers
  • Cosmic Octopus -- Daniel Clement
  • Des Waz Here Productions -- Des Matelske
  • eMpTy-Light-Pack -- Michael Trivisonno
  • Labyrinth Films -- Julie Simon
  • Rebel's Advocate -- Justin Quisenberry
  • Team Rosevault -- Stephen Miller
  • Ubstar Productions -- Candace Horne
  • Uncanny Films -- Paul Zakrzewski
  • White Midnight -- Scott Brosius