Cleveland 48 Hour Film Horror Project 2013

Brand New Music Videos

Filmmakers and bands throughout Cleveland successfully completed a weekend of making music videos - operating on little sleep and lots of adrenaline. All of the videos that were submitted will screen on the dates below. Come see what our film and music community can do!


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Cleveland 48 Horror Teams

Radiograph Pictures, Jay Summers
eMpTy-Light-Pack, Michael Trivisonno
Team ZombieMoM LLC., Shawn Michelle Henry
Confluence Productions, Ted Haynes
Blacklisted, Deanna Sherman
FNA Productions, Robbie Barnes
Ubstar Productions, Candace Horne
Uncanny Films, Paul Zakrzewski
Monster Squad, Stephanie Dugan
Easy Fix Productions, David Jeffries
AR productions, Alejandro Rivera
Gone Fishin' Productions, Chris Bilecki
G and G MEDIA GROUP, Al Griffin & David Gutter
Velvet Buck, Donn Nottage
Aldous Mustache, Jeffrey Lange
WindTorn Pictures, Lucas deJeu
Lake Erie College, Ethan Adamczyk
Ethereal Entertainment, Daniel Clement
Rubber City Productions, Kelly Pangle
Des Waz Here Productions, Des Matelske
Revifusion, Brendan Cain

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