The 48 Hour Film Project

The International Shootout

On December 4-7, 2009, 48HFP teams from around the world competed head-to-head in a special competition open to the 100 top teams from the 48 Hour Film Project 2009.


The winners of the International Shootout are below.

Honorable Mention
"First Date" by Kinook Creative Studios (Cleveland)

Second Runner Up
"Keep Calm and Carry On" by the Degrassi Junior High Alumni Society (Edinburgh)

First Runner Up
"End of the World of Paul Hinze" by Kontraproductions (Berlin)

"Prebloc" by Bande a part (Paris)

"Prebloc" will screen at Filmapalooza (April 2010) and at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner (May 2010).


This year, the International Shootout required teams to follow the theme: the end of the world.

How the world ends was the filmmakers' choice. It could be:

  • Natural disaster (earthquake, fire, flood, global warming, etc.)
  • War
  • Disease or plague
  • Robots/Computers/Vampires/Zombies/Aliens/Demons take over
  • Celestial catastrophe
  • Humans become sterile
  • Divine intervention
  • Another dominant species emerges
  • Mass insanity
  • Time paradox
  • Food/water supply diminished
  • or anything else

All films had to include a city identifier, which could be:

  • a landmark
  • the city skyline
  • a municipal item (like a trash can or bus with the city name on it)
  • a newspaper
  • a television news program

Teams were allowed to choose their own genre, and if they wished, they could simulate the genre-drawing process using our website. They were given no required elements, although they were allowed to simulate the elements as well, using our website. (If teams did get genres or elements from our website, they were not required to use them, of course. The only requirements were the theme and the city identifier.)

Other Years

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Participating Teams

3TP, Launa Changnon
4thCollective, Nicholas Urbano
5PM Productions, Shawn Monaghan
Adam Squared, Adam Lawson
Adventure Star Pictures, Jennifer Forbes
Alltogether Now, Bryant Mock
Bait & Tackle Ad Company, Chad Carlberg
Bande a part, Gilles Guerraz
before all this, inc., Christopher Poetter
Big Appetite, Michael Panenka
Crossfire, George Mangalath Thomas
DC Dogs, Kimberly Huey
Detroit Police Athletic League..., Lindsey Zuercher
Drywater Productions, Stephen Pickering
Echo Productions, Mike McNeese
Field of Wheat Productions, Jansen Hillis
Fly Eye, Angie Calton
Game Over Productions, Stuart Mannion
Good Karma, Michael Rocha
illadelPhilms, Stephen Ciavardini
INGSOC, Mark Kochanowicz
Integral Arts, Barry Gribble
It Donned On Me, Tony Nguyen
Kinook Creative Studios, Brian Conti
Kobra Kommander, Coree Spencer
Kontraproductions, Malte Wirtz
La Crisi, Michele Salvezza
Ma's Meatloaf, Jacob Albarella
mouette, pascale kinanga
Pandemonium, Mike Santoro
Paradise Valley Media, Michael Einheuser
Perpombellar, Nathaniel Nauert
Pineapple Pictures, Marc Dole
Purple Squirrel Productions, Jef Faulkner
Red Hat Memory, Scot McKenzie
Sheng, Cristina Pedetta
shimshon, amnon picker
Shoot the Runner, Rob Silva
Sky Bears, Xavier Beger
Stroganoff, Jacob Rangel
Team Awesome, Aaron Andersen
Team Clark, Matthew Hahn
The Dada Factory, Alex Haworth
The Degrassi Junior High Alumni Society, Jonathan Ley
The Nectar of the Gods, Chris Cline
Timeline, Emanuele Cerquiglini
Tohubohu, William Coughlan
Transvideo Studios, Ben Ferrer
Trapdoor Films, Matt Grehan
Vegan Cannibals Prod., Scott Baker
Wax Idiotical Films, Kyp Pilalas
WIT Films (onesixtyone), Tyler Korba
X4 Productions, Glen Vandermolen
Zing Boom, Greg Carlson