Columbus, Ohio July 28 - 30, 2017

It's Finally Here...

Filmmakers are taking over Columbus and turning it into movie-making madness for 48 hours! Teams of filmmakers have a single weekend - this one - to write, shoot and edit their short films! All completed entries will be unveiled on the big screen, at our premiere screenings.

Here are some important notes for 48HFP filmmakers:

  • Elements: The required elements for Columbus will be listed on this page after kickoff.
  • Media: You must submit your film according to the formats listed lower on this page.
  • Documents: You must submit releases for all team members, all music, all locations, and any other copyrighted material, as well as a team leader's agreement, a roster, and a certification statement. These forms can be downloaded from on our Production Documents page.
  • Rules: You should make sure that your film complies with our Filmmaking Rules and Competition Rules. If you have questions about the rules, the best place to go is our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • 48HFP Hotline: If you have a question during the filmmaking weekend, call the 48HFP Hotline. The number is on the Kickoff Info Sheet that your team representative was given at the kickoff. If you email us, you will probably not receive an answer in time, so please call.
  • Dropoff: Your film must be dropped off at the location listed on this page.

Be safe! Make great films! Good luck!

Elements Genres FAQs

Required Media

  • Video Codec: any native Final Cut Pro Codec, Any Non-Proprietary Codec
  • Media: USB Thumb Drive (preferred), Data DVD
  • File Type: Quicktime (.mov) (preferred)
  • Resolution: HD 1080 (1920x1080), HD 720 (1280x720), SD
  • Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (16:9) (preferred)
  • Pixel Ratio: Widescreen (16:9) (preferred)
  • Frame Rate: 30 FPS (29.97) (preferred), 24 FPS (23.976), 30 FPS
  • Interlacing: Progressive / NON-Interlaced (preferred)

If your backup is a data dvd you will not receive confirmation at the drop off.

Try not to rely on ADR or other post-­‐production fixes that take a lot of time and may sound less than authentic.

Compress the sound to lessen peaks and valleys in the sound levels, and normalize the sound to -­6db. 

You are permitted to shoot in almost any setting (sample rate, bit rate, frame rate) but the "preferred" media simply guarantees the best quality for the premieres.

If you choose to shoot in anamorphic (cinema scope) or any other aspect ratio it is still acceptable HOWEVER your film WILL be letter boxed.  The screens at the theater will not be adjusted per film.

Registration Fees

  • Late: $188 USD/team ends Fri, Jul 28
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Required Elements

    Announced at Kickoff

Participating Teams

Here are some of the teams that will be making a short film for Columbus in only 48 hours.

  • #2 Productions Steve Sturn
  • 10 Ring Films KC Allen
  • Backward Slate Productions Max Groah
  • Bardamazon Brandy Seymour
  • Big Bad Butterfly Bradley Kessler
  • Blue Dragon Studios Benjamin Yackshaw
  • Bottle opener studios Jordan Chasteen
  • Cineonymous Joshua Herald
  • Clear Ice and the Spicy Rice Kate Johnson
  • Dank Scenes 2.0 Molly Haines
  • Edwin J. Hill Nathan Zoebl
  • Elastic Forces Gregory Pruden
  • GWAP Cheddah Grillz LLC Jason Johns
  • Ghostbus Productions Matthew Walker
  • Gordon & Sams Golden Slam Matthew Sams
  • Growl! Philip Hamilton
  • Improfessional Productions Carson Kane
  • Incompetent Films Anthony Windsor II
  • Island Road Media Keith williams
  • Millennial Falcons John Humphreys
  • PHC Films Andrew Massarella
  • Qew Production Quatric Williams
  • RFPictures Ryno Tan
  • Rusty Spork Productions Shawn Klugh
  • Silver Stage Productions Alex David Caperton
  • Stalwart Jake Barry
  • Static Copy Island Shane Stefanchik
  • Stone Mansion Productions Randi Morgan
  • Storytime Pictures Michael Rose
  • The PestyBird Productions Jt Snowden

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