The 48 Hour Film Project

The Red Cross Invitational

Celebrating the Red Cross' 125th Anniversary, the 48HFP held its first ever invitational competition. The 48HFP-American Red Cross Invitational took place March 17-19, 2006. Six of the best 48 Hour teams of all time competed:

  • Anomaly from Philadelphia
  • Digital Tronics from Washington, DC
  • 88mm from St. Louis
  • Fake Wood Wallpaper from Atlanta
  • Ruckus from Nashville
  • Raine Pro-Co from Los Angeles

The films were 125 seconds long and related in some way to the Red Cross. Film industry professionals served as judges for the 48HFP-Red Cross Invitational. Additionally, team leaders of both the winning and first runner up films will have an opportunity for one-on-one mentoring sessions with leading Hollywood producers.

Click here to see the films and choose your favorite!

And the winner is...

Audience Award Winner
Digital Tronics from Washington, DC, for "Disaster Relief"

Best Film of the Red Cross Invitational
Ruckus from Nashville for "Do What You Can"


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