The 48 Hour Film Project

The International Shootout

The Shootout has gone international! On January 23-26, 2009, 41 48HFP city-winning teams from around the world made films to compete head-to-head.

The judges have spoken! The winners of the International Shootout are:

Second Runner Up for Best Film from the International Shootout
"Go Human" by Par-t-com Productions from Los Angeles

Runner Up for Best Film from the International Shootout
"A Darling Time in Vegas" by Vegaswood Studios from Las Vegas

Best Film from the International Shootout
"Buying Time" by Half Baked from Melbourne

Team Half Baked received 1,000 USD for winning the Shootout.

Participating Teams

Asheville: Blue Ridge Community College
Atlanta: Bark Bark
Austin: Circle of Confusion
Baltimore: Blue Team
Boston: We're Making a Movie
Buffalo: BeHoLD Films
Chicago: Dirty Borders
Cincinnati: Pizza Infinity
Dallas: B.T.F. (Beyond the Freedom)
Denver: More Where That Came From
Des Moines: Nick Wilson Film & Video
Detroit: Ion
Edinburgh: brazilliant
Fargo: Bubblegum Detective Agency
Greensboro: Darkhawk Productions
Houston: Sweet Baby Jesus
Kansas City: Two Meter
Las Vegas: VegasWood Studios
Little Rock: Amalgamated Motion Pictures
Los Angeles: Par-t-com Productions
Machinima: The Adventures of Luke and Joe
Madison: Kingcarnahan
Melbourne: Half Baked
Mumbai: Limboo Mirchi Productions
Nashville: Abstraction Films
New Mexico: The In-Famous El Guapo
New Orleans: Filmhouse
Orlando: Pick Me
Phoenix: Catbrain Film Factory
Pittsburgh: Mike Productions
Portland, Maine: Ghee La Roche
Portland, Oregon: Overcast Productions
Providence: Exile Movies
Richmond: The Plaid Connection
Roma: Urban Team
San Francisco: Platypus
San Jose: EyeQ Films
Seattle: Focus Media
St. Louis: Caffeine Tambourine Productions
Washington: Sprezzatura

Blue Team from Baltimore was originally known as Eastern Tech.

Team JumpCut from Tampa-St. Petersburg had to withdraw from participation due to illness.

Other Years

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Theme/Requirement: "Found Money"
One of your characters finds a briefcase/suitcase containing $500,000. They find the money in a public place.
Character: each team received a different character
Prop: a briefcase/suitcase containing $500,000 cash or the equivalent of local currency
Line of Dialogue: "Will you meet me later?"