DC Music Video Elements

Everything begins with the Kickoff Event on Friday night where you will receive your required elements.

In each city, at the Kickoff Event, we will assign photo inspirations and two elements. These elements must appear in your film in some way. All teams will have the same required elements.
  • The required Elements must be seen on-screen.
  • To qualify as an "Official 48 Hour Film", each group's music video must contain all required elements within the official time limit and prior to the credits.

Photo Inspiration

At the Kickoff Event on Friday evening Band/Film Team combos will be provided a series of photographs. One of the photos must serve as the inspiration for the video - either visually or story-wise.

Element Requirement

To ensure that no shooting is done before the filming weekend, each band/film team combo will also be given two elements. In each scene, one of the two elements much appear.

The elements will also be selected to be as non-obvious as possible so that only the alert viewer will know that the element is a required prop. Examples are an article of clothing, or something wood, metal or paper.

Every second counts...
...when you have 48 hours to make a music video!


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