The 48 Hour Film Project

National Film Challenge

The National Film Challenge, the 48 Hour Film Project's sister competition, is coming on October 22nd through 25th!

Regardless of where you live, this is your opportunity to write, shoot, and edit a short film in three days. Just like in the 48 Hour Film Project, you receive a character, prop, line of dialogue, and a genre at 7pm local time, October 22nd. Then you mail the film in on October 25th.

The winning films will screen with the 48HFP City Winners at the next Filmapalooza at the Miami International Film Festival. Also, there are cash prizes for the winning films!

Registration opens on September 1st.

Check out the NFC website for more details.

Every second counts! Even when you have a whopping 72 hours to make a film.

posted August 23, 2010

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