Denver, Colorado August 2 - 4, 2013

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Nix for winning Best Film of 2013. Their film LOVE TO HATE will go on to represent Denver against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2014.

1st Place: Best Film of 2013

Required Elements

  • Character: Virgil or Vanna Gerbens, Uncle/Aunt
  • Prop: apples (plural)
  • Line: "Why don't you do it?"

2013 Film List

  • 1031 by Indysfilms

    3 Teens' Halloween night out is a hit!

  • Adam's Apple by BeOnAir Colorado

    Some Apples are good, some apples are bad and some are just murderous.

  • All I Can Give by The Speakeasy Film Co.

    Love and loyalty are tested when the veil between the seen and unseen is lifted.

  • Along The Way by Dolphin Balls

    Prompted by his sister's passing, a solitary man is obligated to take his nephew under his wing.

  • Apple Babies by Bill the Duck

    Two women plot to escape their alien captors as the learn the horrible reason for their imprisonment

  • Apples to Ashes by Pixelsmyth Workshop

    Two dudes embark on a journey to fulfill one of their deceased aunt and uncle's dying wish.

  • Blood in Our Wells by Beach Riot Films

    A Slave and the plantation owners daughter have a love affair.

  • Blood Smoothie by Crescit Eundo Productions

    It's a Love Story

  • Breathe by before all this, inc.

    A young woman reflects on her life and surroundings at the brink of death.

  • Brickman by Level You

    In the face of an evil drug cartel, three young girls struggle to overcome their own limitations.

  • Carry On by Prestige World Wide

    A man learns he must go on a journey before he can leave.

  • Corepse by The Daedalum Project

    A group of vacationers face the ultimate question of survival while trapped by a major snowstorm.

  • Embryodead by Holy Carp! Films

    It wants something.

  • Faces of Romance. What is Romance? by Grease Monkeys

    don't know what this is

  • Fade to Black by Shandolyn Entertainment

    Why don't you do it?

  • Far From the Tree by Frozen Goat Pictures

    Fall Farther

  • FEIT by GIBRIK/PrettyMonkeys

    Man mistakes his identity with apples and Aunt Vanna.

  • Floaters by RMO Films

    Sometimes they just won't go down.

  • Forbidden Fruit by Event Horizon

    Martin is left to take care of his uncle Virgil's house, but his cousin Travis creates a disaster.

  • Glock Coma by Cook St. Productions

    A mob boss wakes up from a coma to discover the life he has led.

  • Half Assassin by Burn Before Viewing

    A case of mistaken identity involving a hitman support group

  • Healthy Boundaries by Maskil Productions

    When a national emergency is declared the government instates the buddy system.

  • I Do by 3rd Floor Films

    Everybuddy needs a friend

  • Illegally Bound by Regit Films

    A naive young man responds to an online ad, finds himself in an unexpected encounter and friendship

  • LOVE TO HATE by Nix

    Combative coworkers clash, but find there are some people you just love to hate.

  • Margie Goes to Space! by Blue Poncho Productions

    Young girl embarks on a mission to space to rescue her uncle.

  • Mind Over Mime by Lucky 13

    Sociopathic mime tracked by an overwhelmed detective that calls on the aid of a psychic superhero.

  • Mission:Lyndale by The Tolman Fun Factory

    A dare to steal a school mascot ends with surprising results.

  • No Loose Ends by Chilled Monkey Brains

    After a not-so-smooth jewelry heist, three women thieves hideout at a nearby farm.

  • Once Daily by Dragoon Films

    The side effects of a pill makes a woman wonder if what she sees is real or not.

  • Sara White's Story by Lil BroPeeps

    A loving father leads his daughter back home.

  • Seeder by Beyond Above

    It all starts with a seed...

  • Shaken Absurd by ARWorks Productions

    An oblivious man accidentally takes on the duties of his spy niece

  • STAND by Stewardship Productions

    A young man faces his fear of commitment after his girlfriend's deployment.

  • Surprise by Through The Fire Productions

    A young couple enjoy a day at the local fair and encounters a mysterious presence.

  • Teacher's Aide by The Bromantics

    Sometimes teachers need advice too

  • Teeth by Mile High Malarkey


  • The Disappearance of Virgil Gerbens by Game Cocks

    Womanizing pig knocks up mistress leading to his divorce and fakes his death to escape both of them.

  • The Dynamics #dysfunctional by BS Filmworks

    A crime-fighter losses his confidence and turns to therapy.

  • The End of the World by Stranger Studios

    Retired spy comes out of retirement for what will be his last job.

  • The Karma Bum by

    The link to "what is a logline" is broken

  • The Last Contract by Running Riot Pictures

    He'll take you out of the game, not just for the cash but because you want it too.

  • The Lovely Reds by AMP Films


  • The Note by AEC Studios

    Don't forget to pass it on.

  • The Stealthy Mr. Brisk by redstar

    A crazed man thinks that he is a spy, and hilarity ensues.

  • The Wish by Mock Sides Studios

    A young girl's wish for closure effects more than her..

  • Thunderbolt by Nebulus Visions

    Get ready to feel the thunder!

  • Villains Anonymous by Liquid Luck Productions

    Villains are People Too

  • We Tried by Jumping Amazing Super Optimistic Noodle Squad

    When Ian sees his neighbor do some sketchy things, he starts spying on him to find out what's going

  • Yard Sale by 5600K

    Opposites Attract ... Or Not!

  • Yes or No by Kraken

    Lady abandons here niece to save her life

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