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Silver Lining

It was a beautiful day in Iowa when we sat down for a beer to discuss what our Drama would be about. 2 beers later we had a workable idea and we sent it halfway across the state to our writer who pulled through the grog of a cold to hammer out an awesome script and shoot it back across the state about 4 hours later.

We were off to location one. It was somewhere between 2 & 3 in the morning when we took our first shot. The scene was 3+ hours of laying on the dirty floors of an old run down cafe, stacking and unstacking tables and chairs, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and running up and down the street before we had what we needed and could move on two the second location.

And if we thought that the mosquitoes were bad inside, they were 10x worse in the field! Time and insects were against us. The sun was rising on what was supposed to be a dusk/night shot and the insects were waking up more and more. We were all anxious to get this scene done as quickly as possible. Also, we weren\\\'t sure how much fake blood to use since our first batch turned out purplish brown and we didn\\\'t know how much we\\\'d need for later. But we busted through it, jumped back in the cars and made off for less infested locales.

With scene two done we ran back to the cafe for the daylight scene. More tired, more running, more stacking and unstacking and more laying on the dirty ground. I was genuinely afraid that the actors would fall asleep while they were pretending to be asleep! They pulled through like champs though.

After that was a series of walking scenes. The actors were happy that they weren\\\'t running for once (the one playing a character with a limp was starting to develop an actual limp from limping so much) and the crew was happy to start experimenting with some different types of shots that we hadn\\\'t tried yet.

Finally, we arrived at the last location. At this point we were waking up extra\\\'s in the background who were napping almost every time we changed shot angles. Luckily, one scene involved a dead person in a tub and he was able to take a nap in there.

With filming completed it was time to do the voice overs. Advice to everyone out there. Don\\\'t record peoples internal monologues with sleeping people snoring in the background! Also, let sleeping actors (who don\\\'t snore during audio recordings) lie...and pile shoes on them!

All of that was completed in about 21 hours and so, with there being no rest for the weary, I set off to start editing and the music producer set off to start recording and our actors went home to sleep before they had to go to work early the next day. I\\\'m not sure how much I got done, but I woke up after midnight drooling on myself waiting for a sequence to finish rendering. I needed a nap. 5 hours turned into 7 and I was back at it, but the rough cut I tried to send to our music producer didn\\\'t go through so it was loaded onto a flash drive and driven a half hour to his house and back to finish the edit. He came back in the early afternoon with the music, we touched up a few scenes looks, every scenes sound and everything crashed. All the rendered files went back to unrendered. We quickly added the music, finished fixing what was undone by the crash and started exporting. And we waited. And waited. And waited. And at 7:12pm it was done! We started thinking: \\

- Coda Skeffington-Vos, I Am Jack's Inconsequential Team Name

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