The 48 Hour Film Project

The Detroit 48 Hour Film Project

What Happened During Your Weekend?

The Detroit filmmakers share stories from their wild weekend of filmmaking. You can blog for 14 days after the 48HFP. Share your story!

Great Experience

We had such a great time with this 48 hour film project. We couldn't ask for a more fun and patient crew. The dark clouds didn't bother us, but the rain wasn't as easy to deal with. One of our camera crew fell down while shooting a scene, cut his forehead (7 stitches) and later found out he has two fractures near his eye. After a short break and a butterfly bandaid, he picked up the camera again. Total trooper! Another challenge was making the streets of downtown Detroit look empty of people. Not an easy task, especially when the Tigers had a double header on Saturday, ha! That alone was a satisfying goal. Lunch at Lafayette Coney Island was fun as our entire crew walked in, sporting bloody wounds (2 fake, 1 real). The stares and double-takes from other customers was priceless. Most important, we all had a great time. Pretty much the same crew as last time with a couple awesome additions. We're really lucky to surround ourselves with such great, positive (and patient) people. Big thanks to all that helped make this another successful 48 hours! Good luck to all the Michigan filmmakers and thanks to all the sponsors that make this event possible.

- Jeff Moore, Motor City Massacre

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Too Much Fun!

The goal was to have even more fun than we did last year and we accomplished our goal. I don't remember a dull moment in our entire 48 hours of making our project. We were fortunate enough to move equipment and crafty fast enough to dodge majority of the rain coming down and we also finished shooting 20 minutes before the entire neighborhood we were shooting in lost power. We are so grateful that we were able to enter again this year!

- Johnny Flynn, Courageous Lion Cinema

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