The 48 Hour Film Project

48 Hour Film Project/Panasonic
HD Filmmaker Showdown

All five US city-winning teams submitted on-time films to the 48 Hour Film Project HD Filmmaker Showdown on the weekend of January 26-28, 2007. Congratulations to these teams! They were selected from out of all 2006 US City Winners to participate in the second annual HD Showdown.

Panasonic loaned an HVX200 HD camera to each team for use during the competition weekend. All HD films were shown at Filmapalooza in March, where the winner of the Showdown was announced and awarded an HVX200 HD camera to keep.

All five of the HDFS teams also received an Anton/Bauer ELIPZ system. This professional power, light and grip system provides stability, all day power, and a 6-volt light, powered by the camera battery.

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Finalists for the HD Showdown

Team NameCityGenre
Bargain Basement Films Baltimore Comedy
Cinema Syndicate Portland, Oregon Family Film
Magnetoscope Pictures Cincinnati Holiday Film
Shaolin Monkeys Washington, DC Fantasy
Vaughn Juares Minneapolis Buddy Movie

Milk from Seattle was a finalist, but was unable to participate.

And the winner is...

Best Film of the HD Filmmaker Showdown
Bargain Basement Films from Baltimore for "Maestro"

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Panasonic HVX200 with Anton/Bauer ELIPZ kit

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Character: Edward or Eleanor Percival, violinist
Prop: an electric razor
Line of Dialogue: "Cut the nonsense. Let's get to it."