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Element Assignment Character, Prop & Line Requirements

At the Kickoff Event we will announce a character, a prop and a line of dialogue just a few minutes before the Official Filmmaking Period begins.

These elements must be included in your film.

The elements will vary from city to city, but in each location ALL teams will have the same required elements. It's up to each team to decide how to integrate them into their own film. There is often a spirited competition for most creative use of each of these elements.

Character Examples

Mykal or Mykala Jonas, Slick Sales Person

Frank or Frieda Gilroy Waiter/Waitress

Susan or Simon Frances Teacher

Joe or Jolene Ellerby, Gym Teacher

Ali(stair) or Ali(son) Sanders Collector

Sherman or Sharon Brown Recently Unemployed

Prop Examples

a ball


a greeting card

a lightbulb

a bottle of bright red nail polish

a briefcase

une pile

a big pink eraser



a mask

an index card

Line Examples

"Let me tell you a secret."

"Sorry, my friend. No can do."

"Here's where it gets tricky." or "Here is where it gets tricky."

"I bet you dollars to donuts..."

Helpful Hints

Required Line

The required line of dialogue must be heard or seen - it may be written. It may be in a foreign language; however if it is not clear that this is the required line, it should be translated.

Required Character

The required character does not have to be the star, but we must actually see him/her on the screen. Name tags, etc. are not necessary so long as the audience can infer who he/she is.

Must Be in the Actual Film

The required elements must appear in the story of your film. Use of the elements in the credits only will NOT fulfill the requirement.

Adherence to Assignment

Did you know judges base part of their scores on a film’s adherence to assignment? This refers to the genre and required elements.

Required Prop

The required prop must be seen, and it should be used in your film in some way.

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