Boston, Massachusetts April 30 - May 2, 2010

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Albatross for winning Best Film of 2010. Their film For a Few Flowers More will go on to represent Boston against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2011.

1st Place: Best Film of 2010

For a Few Flowers More by Albatross

2nd Place: Best Film of 2010

404bidden_Love by Wax Idiotical Films

Required Elements

  • Character: Wilma or Winston Weatherbee, Gardener
  • Prop: a scale
  • Line: "You win some, you lose some."

Audience Favorite: Group A

Winston and Wilma by We're Making a Movie

Audience Favorite: Group B

For a Few Flowers More by Albatross

Audience Favorite: Group C

PIe Heist by Playomatic

Audience Favorite: Group D

Gro2 by The Butlers Banjo

Audience Favorite: Group E

404bidden_Love by Wax Idiotical Films

Audience Favorite: Group F

Two- Ply by Barbarillicus Productions

Audience Favorite: Group G

Crop Cops Episode 12: Diamond in the Rough by Bait & Tackle A

Honorable Mention
BROKOUR by 20 Seconds To Midnight...

Audience Favorite: Group H

No Choice by Bastards Inc.

Best Writing

Neil Reynolds For a Few Flowers More by Albatross

Best Editing

Micah Levin Gro2 by The Butlers Banjo

Sasha Goldberg For a Few Flowers More by Albatross

Best Directing

Neil Reynolds and Jason Haas For a Few Flowers More by Albatross

Best Cinematography

Benjamin Eckstein Gro2 by The Butlers Banjo

Best Musical Score

Willie Conrad For a Few Flowers More by Albatross

Jason Jordan Gro2 by The Butlers Banjo

Best Song

Adam Brooks and Erik Heuchert Winston and Wilma by We're Making a Movie

Honorable Mention
Steve Gilbane, Robert Woo, and TC Cheever Fat Cops by ImprovBoston

Best Actor

Patrick French For a Few Flowers More by Albatross

Best Actress

Katie Leeman For a Few Flowers More by Albatross

Best Ensemble Acting

For a Few Flowers More by Albatross

Best Special Effects

Will Cavanagh Gro2 by The Butlers Banjo

Best Choreography

BROKOUR by 20 Seconds To Midnight...

Best Costumes

Lynn Wilcott Winston and Wilma by We're Making a Movie

Best Use of Character

For a Few Flowers More by Albatross

Best Use of Prop

Fat Cops by ImprovBoston

Best Use of Line

No Choice by Bastards Inc.

Best Use of Genre

Gro2 by The Butlers Banjo

Luke Discovers the Ability to Time Travel into the Future in Fifteen Second Intervals by Baugh Klemm's Tea Party

2010 Film List

  • "The Hand You're Dealt by SAGgar Productions

    While playing poker on a coffin with a mysterious woman, a cowboy imagines how the man inside may have passed.

  • "The Younger Ride" by Cold Feet Squared

    When a spinster, and aging playboy, a smoldering blond, and a South American horse trainer with big dreams come together for the weekend, one of them discovers that sometimes country life isn’t better; it’s shorter.

  • 404bidden_Love by Wax Idiotical Films

  • A Strange Red by Covered-In-Bees

    Already filled out when I turned in the movie.

  • Amateur Suicide Hotline by 48 Hour Wildcat Production

    A zany bunch of misfits hired to answer calls to a suicide hotline with unexpected results.

  • Bad Talent by Crabby Librarians

    Fake documentary about a group of performers who pay an entrance fee to get into a "talent show"

  • Balance by Malarkey Films

    When a nuclear prototype goes missing, a gardener must chase down a spy to save the world.

  • Best Boy by The Jovial Bob Club

    Clancy and the Fundungeon

  • Best Slice In Town by Godina

    Journey of a pizza box

  • BFF: Botanical Freedom Fighters by Lyve Media

    A Extreme Gardner is on a quest to illegally plants flowers with his underground organization BFF in urban public areas. His arch rival, the Haverhill Plant Warden tries stop the BFF at all costs.

  • Biblical Fish by Big Drop Productions

    A man approaching the end of his own life becomes obsessed with the death of a former flame and is drawn into a dark and surreal world.

  • Blue Haired Nightmare by FRED-TV Productions

    Gardening granny gets hit in more ways than one.

  • Boil Alert by Castparty Productions

    A man has trouble choosing between two doctors

  • Boyager by JP Ramblers

    Half human, half space, all gay, all right!

  • BROKOUR by 20 Seconds To Midnight...

    Two unlikely friends team up to face a dark challenge.

  • Choosing Rose by Clockwise Pictures

    A tortured artist must chose between hope and decay.

  • Clowned by Now It's Awkward

    Film crew interviews professional stalker clown about his work.

  • Crop Cops Episode 12: Diamond in the Rough by Bait & Tackle A

    Crop Cops, They're fraternal twins with distinctly different tastes... for adventure! Teaming up to solve produce related crimes.

  • Crossline by PDQ Productions

    The new health care plan will create 30 million more people accessing health care in the United States. Many of the newly insured will be seeking mental health care. Who will provide this care? Are they trained? Crossline examines: mental health care, economic opportunity or disaster waiting to happen?

  • Dark Chocolate by Pilot Penguin Productions

    Chaos ensures at a costume party when demon chocolate is invited.

  • Death Without Fear by Emerson Filmakers

    A man has discovered the secret to time travel: death without fear.

  • dig by yeah kinda productions

    A lonely gardener falls for a married woman who needs some help taking care of her husband.

  • Divide by Zero by The Syndicate

    Wait! What?! How did he? . . .But who did?. . .What's going on?

  • Dr. Sandwich by Rocky Media Productions

    Troubled fate brings three couples to seek advice from the eccentric Dr. Sandwich.

  • Every Buddy Dies by Really.

    Some people have a difficult time keeping a friendship alive. For Jay it's impossible.

  • Everything In Its Place by Idiopathic Emotion

    A new visitor sheds a new light on the past.

  • Extra Credit by Winchester Flickers

    Don't stay after school

  • farm camp reformatory by Burtwood/Maran Films

    you win some you lose some

  • Fat Cops by ImprovBoston

    In the not to distant future runaway Government Healthcare causes obesity to be outlawed. These are the men that enforce that law.

  • Film Heist by Bagman Studios

    You Win Some, You Lose Some

  • For a Few Flowers More by Albatross

    When the internet becomes the new frontier, a man from a simpler time must defend his virtual property.

  • Garden View by Charles River Swimming and Diving

    A dedicated gardener working alone in a Cambridge garden finds the girl of his dreams...or does he?

  • Get the Balance Right by Stand Up Mandy

    A desperate creative teacher enlists a character from his own fiction to help solve a marital crisis.

  • Gro2 by The Butlers Banjo

    In a world without oxygen, one man sells air

  • Hickface by NGMmedia Productions

    A humorous tale of a farm boy and his cousin who discover a new type of hallucinogen and become major druglords.

  • High Art by Obnots

    In a world full of paintings, one hangs alone.

  • Ice Cream Sandwiches by Donkey Drives a Window

    Man is kidnapped

  • In the Green by In The Car Media

    Two small time crooks get a shot at the “big leagues,” inciting the jealousy of an overeager female mobster also looking to climb the ladder in the big bad world of organized crime.

  • Inappropriate by Gus Action Films

    No one likes to go to funerals but when Jay attends a friend's funeral he gets quite the surprise.

  • It's A Dog's World: Women and Their Dogs by Carlisle Films

    It's About Relationships

  • Jackalope by Visually Sound Pictures

    Delusional woman suspects gardener of harming her daughter.

  • Just One Thing by Vaudeville/Estoria

    Have you ever wanted to change just one thing about someone?

  • Ku-ka-ili-moku!!! by Team Bait Shop

    A pregnant woman discovers her husband and neighbors are members of a sinister Hawaiian tiki cult

  • Larval by Atomicons

    What I want to be when I grow up...

  • Leonard I hate you by 4th Avenue Tamale Parlour

    Blind dates never tasted so good...

  • Luke Discovers the Ability to Time Travel into the Future in Fifteen Second Intervals by Baugh Klemm's Tea Party
  • Midday in the Garden of Good and Legal by Strangeland Games -- Film Division

    A gardener with an overbearing boss finds a novel solution to his problems.

  • Miss Jane by Sit Down, Mandy!

    When interviewees start disappearing and Jane receives strange gifts at her office, she begins to suspect the shady gardener of murder.

  • Modern Proposal by Girl Next Door Productions

    Frustrated that her boyfriend has not yet proposed, Alex takes matters into her own hands with the help of her best friend.

  • Mulch to My Surprise by Hocus-Focus

    A Bumping Gums Gumshoe

  • NiteLife by Team 47

    A husband feeling overwhelmed with chores downloads an ap for that

  • No Choice by Bastards Inc.

    He Had No Choice

  • Pest Control by Moose Films

    A veteran pest controller teams up with an odd rookie sidekick to rid a vacant home of an unusual infestation.

  • PIe Heist by Playomatic

    "I hope there's pie!"

  • Pitch and Tone by Rose & Power

    Enter text here

  • Professional Courtesy by Incredible Machine Productions

    A hitman is sent to do a simple job, but encounters a surprise.... actually, 4 surprises

  • Puppy Love by Laughing In Purgatory

    Love is best when shared

  • Room Serviced by Gators

    A casual encounter goes awry

  • Soccer Moms, A Musical by New Tricks Productions

    A melodic depiction of the life of a soccer mom

  • Soiled Relationships by Team House

    A tired woman in an abuse relationship finds solace in gardening which frees her from soiled relationships.

  • Sweet Smell of Success by GC All-Stars

    Young reporter unknowingly puts herself in grave danger.

  • Tale of Love by thepopoption

    After a depressing divorce, this movie proves it is possible to find love again.

  • The Box by Zissou

    Paper Boy is here

  • The Choice by MESFG Films

    When a doctor takes decisions into his own hands, so does his patient.

  • The Crossing by Team Torpor

    A man in crisis travels in search of help from a colleague in his past, but his journey is a personal crossing to an unexpected end.

  • The Edge by Team Funwolf

    Matt tries to commit suicide, but funny.

  • The Final Performance of Felix Barrows by Danny Glover's Super Action Adventure Force Brigade Squad

    A murder mystery dinner troupe hatches a plan to

  • The Livez and Timez of PlatNumb Snailz by DERP!

    A documentary about the livez and timez of PlatNumb Snailz, the rapping snail.

  • The Man Who Had Too Much to Lose by Echoplanar

    You Win Some, You Lose Some

  • The Mean President > : ( by Robot and the Ready Readies

    What happens when a President is mean?

  • The Perfect Daisy by Collective Subconscious Productions

    A couple who purchase the house of a long absent gardener are sucked into fantastic world.

  • The Princess and her Soul by Kickin' Like Bruce Lee's Chinese Connection-We bad in Boston

    Princess abducted by evil demon and rescued by hapless peasant

  • The Redemption by Banded Light Pictures

    You can't run all your life

  • The Unfortunate Baron von Moustachio by Chouhood Productions

    Another failure to Baron von Moustachio that has been served up by Wilma Weatherbee.

  • Through Thick and Thin by Daily Routine

    The Grass Is Not Always Greener

  • Tips n' Ash by Double Parked Films

    Friends Learn a new way to meet women.

  • Totally Forked by Extraneous Noise

    With their sights on world domination, aliens develop a technology to vaporise the earth's forks.

  • Two- Ply by Barbarillicus Productions

    My two ply!

  • Visionscape by onesixtwo

    Stuck with the Director from hell, a Producer takes matters into her own hands.

  • Weight For It by Crazed Weasel Entertainment

    It was a normal gardening job...until something that was buried was uncovered.

  • White by Nadler Cinematic

    Where there is white, there is always green; but where there is green, there are gardeners...

  • Win Some Lose Some by Filmprenuer

    A P.I. investigates the case of a missing socialite

  • Winston and Wilma by We're Making a Movie

    I don't want to cause a stir.

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