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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners!

Best Use of Character
"The Buddyguard" by The Femme Fatales

Best Use of Prop
"After Hours" by The Underground

Best Use of Line
"The Winds of Chang" by Moose Knuckles

Achievement in Production Design
Misha Beverly for "EPK" by The Initiative

Achievement in SFX, Make-Up and Hair
Bella Anderson for "It's a Zombie Life!" by Soapy Films

Best Sound Design
Damian Hussey and Lauren Ann Smith for "Caicias" by Le Angry Gnomes

Best Musical Score
Hayden Johns for "It's a Zombie Life!" by Soapy Films

Best Cinematography
David Mace-Kaff for "Caicias" by Le Angry Gnomes

Best Editing
Damian Hussey, Lauren Ann Smith and David Mace-Kaff for "Caicias" by Le Angry Gnomes

Best Supporting Actress
Rhiannon Moushall for "Buddy, Buddy, Stripper, Buddy" by Arcane Century Productions

Best Supporting Actor
Adam Fawns for "A Day in the Death" by Area 31 Productions

Best Actress
Skye Van de Vorst for "Buddy, Buddy, Stripper, Buddy" by Arcane Century Productions

Best Actor
Charnstar Anderson for "Buddy, Buddy, Stripper, Buddy" by Arcane Century Productions

Best Writing
Kieran Davey and Shane Anderson for "Buddy, Buddy, Stripper, Buddy" by Arcane Century Productions

Best Directing
Alex Philp for "It's a Zombie Life!" by Soapy Films

Second Runner Up for Best Film
"Caicias" by Le Angry Gnomes

Runner Up for Best Film
"It's A Zombie Life!" by Soapy Films

Best Film
"Stinky Jim: Defender of Earth" by Team Extreme

Brisbane 48HFP Audience Awards

The audience has spoken! The following teams won the audience awards for their respective screenings. Congratulations!

Audience Award Winner: Group A
"After Hours" by The Underground

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Photo by Matt Grehan.

Required Elements

Character  Zac or Zoe Mendoza, Bodyguard
Prop  a broken watch
Line  "That's not the only thing I've got in my pocket."

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Registered Teams

A Splinter In Your Mind, Matt Turner
Arcane Century Productions, Shane Anderson
Area 31 Productions, Matt Clayton
Catacomb, James Rogers
Chow! Chili Chickens? , Sanjay Hettige
ChunderChaps, Ben Secomb
Crack Cow, John Hodder
Film Geeks, Krichelle Rummeny
Hybrid Rooster Co., Tim Bray
In Action Films, Jack O'Brien
International Worldwide Enterprise Unlimited Productions, Bronson Drew
Jellysea Productions, Jasmine Thone
Last Minute Pictures, CADELL Roberts
Le Angry Gnomes, Damian Hussey
Lionsheart Productions, Richard Lamont
Mi ojo Su ojo, Colin Williams
Moose Knuckles, Luke Williams
Most Definitely, Phillip Johnson
Mother Plucking Penguins, Simon Kay
Project Mayhem, Sam Chatterjee
Rabriate, Adam Webb
Shutterbugs On Crack, Levi Kirby
Soapy Films, Ernest Su
Spilt, Bradley Murnane
Streaming Panthers, Kellie Bogan
Superheros, Damien Bates
Team Alpha Wolf Squadron, William Finn
Team Extreme, Shaun McCarthy
Team Fade In, Peter Johnston
That Escalated Quickly, Malcolm Shipway
The Femme Fatales, Breanna Roe
The Film Distillery, Russell Smith
The Initiative Production Company, Jason Solari
The Schembros, Lonnie Gilroy
The Underground, carly bruschweiler
The Young Go-Hards, William Brown
Timeless, James Manning

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