The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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Best of Houston 2009 DVD

You asked for it and you got it. Order your DVD now so that you'll be able to enjoy the highlights of the Houston 48HFP 2009 throughout the year. It will feature the top 13 films of 2009 along with 5 bonus films. The DVD will go on sale to the public in a few weeks for $19.95.

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Judges' Awards

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our Houston winners!

Best Use of Prop

"Pursuit" by Fire Pig Productions

Best Use of Line

"Subterfuge" by 4th Collective

Best Use of Character [Tie]

"Quality Time" by Twisted 15
"Saving Our Suburbs" by Xyro Productions

Best Sound Design

"Pursuit" by Fire Pig Productions

Best Musical Score

"Subterfuge" by 4th Collective

Best Original Song

"Suite" by Hot Pixel Action

Best Acting Ensemble

"BetMan" by Sweet Baby Jesus

Best Actor

Caleb George in "Dinner With Jackie"

Best Special Effects

"BetMan" by Sweet Baby Jesus

Best Cinematography

"Pursuit" by Fire Pig Productions

Best Editing

"BetMan" by Sweet Baby Jesus

Best Writing

"Subterfuge" by 4th Collective

Best Directing

"BetMan" by Sweet Baby Jesus

Best Film

"Subterfuge" by 4th Collective

Audience Awards

Screening Group A [tie]

"BetMan" by Sweet Baby Jesus
"Saving Our Suburbs" by Xyro Productions

Screening Group B

"Subterfuge" by 4th Collective

Screening Group C

"Dinner With Jackie" by The Mayor of Cat Town

Screening Group D

"La Dent Noir" by DGC Productions

Filmmaker Blog

Want to hear about the Houston 48HFP from the filmmakers themselves? Then check out the Houston 48HFP Filmmaker Blog, where Houston 48HFP participants tell us stories of their wild weekend of filmmaking.

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Photo by Daniel Arizpe.


Character: Jarod or Janice Puller, Officer
Prop: a ball
Line of Dialogue: "I'm just not sure about that."

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Screening Groups

Screening Group A
Wednesday, June 10 @ 6.30p
Thursday, June 11 @ 8.30p

Earth Sandwich, Lauren Tunnell
In Town Digital, John T Powell
InOurSity Films, Christopher Hilliard
Los Desperados, Lori Martinez
Sweet Baby Jesus, Michael Darling
Team Rex, Michael Arriaga
The Posse, Neil Lokken
Twisted15, Jon Hobson
With a Twist, Jim McClure
Xyro Productions, Makena Buchanan

Screening Group B
Wednesday, June 10 @ 7.30p
Thursday, June 11 @ 9.30p

4th Collective, Nicholas Urbano
Anumi Films, Damon Hoyle
Away With Film, Kalvin Camp
Dead Horse Films, Todd Macek
Hot Pixel Action, Tim Thomson
Houston Film Meetup, Denise Boucher
Paper Faces Productions, Courtney Hale
Perfect Time To Panic Productions, Steve Kennedy
Renegade Amelia Films, Tim Eggert
Vowel Productions, Aamir Moharir

Screening Group C
Wednesday, June 10 @ 8.30p
Thursday, June 11 @ 6.30p

Big Head Films, Jim Livesey
F.U.G., Nate Kitchens
Fire Pig Productions, Wayne Slaten
Full Tilt, Bobby Baham
Irony Coast Productions, Heather Tucker
Mediaprodigy, Kirk Moreno
Morning Wood Productions, Michael Hartzog
Sober Cougar, Babu Sundaram
The Artist Factory, CJ Brock
The Mayor of Cat Town, Philip Hays
Voodoo Studios, Adam Frye
Where's My Monkey Productions, Andrew Edison

Screening Group D
Wednesday, June 10 @ 9.30p
Thursday, June 11 @ 7.30p

DGC Productions, Allie Carr-Collins
DiaboliCo., Alvin Morris
Disk Space Error, R. Tanner Bell
Dude, where's the camera?, Liesl Owens
General Joe's, Sean Elder
I'm a Tie-Fighter Films, Sam Martinez
Jello Shots, Ava Beard
MEATS' CREW, Rene Ramon-Cortes
mentatDUKE, Layi Babalola
Slip-n-Slyde Entertainment, Demetrios Cokinos
Two Cent Productions, Joey Hancock