Lisbon, Portugal 19 - 21 June 2015

Exhausted Lisbon Teams Submit Films

Filmmaking teams from throughout the Lisboa successfully completed a weekend of filmmaking. Films were due on 21 June (Sunday) and the last few minutes before the deadline saw filmmakers, operating on little sleep and lots of adrenaline, rushing to get their films in on time.

All of the films that were submitted on Sunday night will screen on the dates below. Come see what Lisboa filmmakers can do!

Lisbon 48HFP Events

Premiere Screenings

Date  June 28th, 2015
Time  3 pm
Place  São Jorge Theatre, Av. da Liberdade 175, 1250-141 Lisboa
Tickets  3€

Awards Ceremony

Date  7 July (Tuesday)
Time  21:30
Place  Musicbox, Rua Nova do Carvalho 24, 1200-292 Lisboa
Tickets  $0

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Required Elements

Character  Filipe or Filipa Albuquerque, Milionário / Millionaire
Prop  Uma Chave Inglesa / A Wrench
Line  "Deixa lá ver se percebi / Let me see if I understand"

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Registered Teams

Amola Filmes, Manuela Gomes
Blowup, Filipe La Féria
Bravo Charlie Romeo, Ana Ferreira
cinema lovers, Reza Hajipour
Cinereactores, Cláudia Pinto
Gloriosos Bastardos, Luís Borges
Perspectivas, Miguel Antunes
PJ Team, João Guilherme Rosa
Planet 7 Pictures, Ricardo Brito
The 60's, João Gualdino

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