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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners!

Best Use of Character
'Where's Wallet?' by Screen7Jam

Best Use of Prop
'Cushion Apocalypse' by Transit Films

Best Use of Line
'Follow the Leader' by Ping Productions

Best Effects
'Evil in Evelyn' by Redomelette

Best Student Film [tie]
'Stuffed with Love' by Sugar House
'The Fine Print' by Browncoat Films

Best Sound Design
'The Lurker' by Soggy Arts

Best Cinematography
'The Missing Piece' by Room12

Best Editing
'Evil in Evelyn' by Redomelette

Best Ensemble Acting
'The Lurker' by Soggy Arts

Best Acting
Lucy Cox for 'Evil in Evelyn' by Redomelette

Best Writing
'The Lurker' by Soggy Arts

Best Directing
'The Last Wedding' by Tea Fuelled

Runner Up for Best Film
'The Lurker' by Soggy Arts

Best Film
'RSVPain' by When In...

London 48HFP Audience Awards

The audience has spoken! The following teams won the audience awards for their respective screenings. Congratulations!

Audience Award Winner: Group A
'Pot Plant' by Double Cow

Audience Award Winner: Group B
'Stuffed with Love' by Sugar House

Audience Award Winner: Group C
'Session Squared' by HookHitch Theatre

Audience Award Winner: Group D [tie]
'Cushion Apocalypse' by Transit Films
'The Lurker' by Soggy Arts

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Required Elements

Character  Oliver or Olivia Ball, Event Planner
Prop  a cushion
Line  "There's nothing to it." (or "There is nothing to it.")

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Screening Groups

Group A
Screening on 5 October (Saturday) @ 13:00

99giants, Christy Lindsay
A Good Solid Horse, Katie Mulligan
Abby Jones Productions, Benjayx Murphy
Ajeto, Tijana Obradovic
Algo, Lucas Aliaga-Hurt
AnyTime Productions , Katie Griffiths
Asteur Films, Jeffrey May
Cool World Order, Charlotte Regan
Decal Heart, Thom Hutchinson
Double Cow, Gulliver Moore
InternationalChangelings, Eleanor Russell
ShotbyJR, Johnny Cullen
The A Maze Production Company, Abe Buckoke
voch studio, Mary Savvidou

Group B
Screening on 5 October (Saturday) @ 15:30

Greener Sky Team, Rally Ciobanu
Hynesight, Justin Hyne
InXplicable, Joseph Fallon
Jump the Shark, Simon Baker
Loose Fingernails, Freddy Bowes
Marauding Pictures, Peter Proniewicz-Brooks
Marshall Film Productions, Owen Marshall
Mutant Candy, Mandy Lalley
Panthera Pictures, Alex Heaton
Picture Motion, Malcolm Greenhill
Screen 7 Jam, Peter Zappia
Staffordshire University Film Society, Rowan Ashe
Sugar House, Lex de Vroomen
Vision Quest Productions, Bruno Mendes
Whimsy and Murder, Alex Parsons

Group C
Screening on 6 October (Sunday) @ 13:00

Agent Balaclava Wearing Fox, Julia Parks
Asthma Squad, Nick Hill
Belka Films, Eleanor Moss
Greeble, James Doherty
HookHitch Theatre, Laura Trundle
NewMakers, mussa abdalla
No Fun Allowed, Harry Matthewson
Nude Up , Sam Mardon
QKDS, Andrew Anderson
Quadrat, Izzie Jones
Ricky Spanish, Jack Richmond
Ruby Wallace, Ruby Wallace
STORMDOGZ, Jordan Brown
Tales from the Big Smoke, Michael Buckman
WBR Productions, Tristan Harrison

Group D
Screening on 6 October (Sunday) @ 15:30

Browncoat Films, Jake Stickley
Drunken Sailor Films, Warren Turner
Fade to Noir, Francoise Harvey
Komplot, Tereza Pechmannova
Rave Freshers 2013, Daisy Edwards
Redomelette, Graham Trelfer
Room12, Liza Bolton
Self Productions, Anthony Self
Smart Casual Pictures, Rory Yeung
Soggy Arts, Barney McElholm
Tea Fuelled, George Lewkowicz
The Dread Pirates, James Drew
Transit Films, Marius Smuts
When In..., Jo Llewellyn-Jones
Wiretone, John Whitmore

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