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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners!

Best Use of Character
"Lacrimal" by El Mono con Platillos

Best Use of Prop
"La Bajante" by Dexamphetamine

Best Use of Line
"Lacrimal" by El Mono con Platillos

Best Use of Genre
"Paraíso" by Los Hipócrifos

Best Sound Design
"Intromisión" by Panucho

Best Musical Score
"Paraíso" by Los Hipócrifos

Best Cinematography
"La Bajante" by Dexamphetamine

Best Editing
"La Bajante" by Dexamphetamine

Best Actress
Yosune Guillén for "La Bajante"

Best Actor
Cristian Moreno for "Intromisión"

Best Writing
"La Bajante" by Dexamphetamine

Best Directing
"Paraíso" by Los Hipócrifos

Runner Up for Best Film
"La Bajante" by Dexamphetamine

Best Film
"Lacrimal" by El Mono con Platillos

Madrid 48HFP Audience Awards

The audience has spoken! The following teams won the audience awards for their respective screenings. Congratulations!

Audience Award Winner: Group A
"La Bajante" by Dexamphetamine

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Photo by Felipe Gabaldón.

Required Elements

Character  Luís or Luisa Garcia, Fontanero (Plumber)
Prop  una cartera (a wallet)
Line  "¿Estas piensando lo mismo que yo?" (Are you thinking what I am?)

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Screening Groups

Group A

Cristina Martin Moran, Cristina Trenas
Dexamphetamine, Iván Pérez Ortega
El mono con platillos, Elena Álvarez Vicente
Fnc Production, Stefano Silvestri
La Banda, Pedro Celorrio Perez
Madrid Writers Club, David Nevin
Panucho, Miguel Angel Novelo Cruz
Tha Funk, Francesco Cocco
Los Hipócrifos, Luken Hidalgo

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