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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners!

Best Use of Character
"Darkipines Wood" by Top Down Productions

Best Use of Prop
"Fire Bad" by Bonfire Films

Best Use of Line of Dialogue
"Too Dark To See" by Shoe Slung Films

Best Make-Up
"Burn Unit" by B.F.I. Films

Best Costumes
"Flippy Day" by Big Appetite

Best Choreography
"Flippy Day" by Big Appetite

Best Special Effects
"Pot Head" by Bladder Productions

Best Sound Design [tie]
"The Burden" by Mint Films
"Pros and Cons" by Pet Project

Best Musical Score
"Stuff Is Wrong" by Strong Paw Productions

Best Cinematography
"Pros And Cons" by Pet Project

Best Editing
"Flippy Day" by Big Appetite

Best Actress
"The Burden" by Mint Films

Best Actor
"Flippy Day" (Robbey) by Big Appetite

Best Writing
"Something Wicked" by Ghee La Roche

Best Directing [tie]
"Something Wicked" by Ghee La Roche
"Flippy Day" by Big Appetite

Second Runner Up for Best Film
"Something Wicked" by Ghee La Roche

Runner Up for Best Film
"The Burden" by Mint Films

Best Film
"Flippy Day" by Big Appetite

Audience Awards for the 48HFP

The audience has spoken! The following teams won the audience awards for their respective screenings. Congratulations!

Audience Award Winner: Group A
"Toy Cops" by Slow Children Productions

Audience Award Winner: Group B
"Flippy Day" by Big Appetite

Filmmaker Blog

Want to hear about the 48HFP from the filmmakers themselves? Then check out the 48HFP Filmmaker Blog, where 48HFP participants tell us stories of their wild weekend of filmmaking.

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Character: Holly or Horatio Baldwin, Activist
Prop: fire
Line of Dialogue: "That was the best ever."

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Screening Groups

Group A
Screening on Tuesday, August 18th, at 7:00 pm

Barefoot Drunks, Robert Johnson
B.F.I. Films, Tim Ryan
BladderProductions, Stephen DeCubellis
Bonfire Films, Corey Norman
Clear Prop Production, Man Chun Wong
Feigned Resistance, Kevin Brooks
Ghee La Roche, Jayson Lobozzo
GreggMediaDotNet, Brian Gregg
Hurf Durf, Teymur Lazimov
Man-Like Machines, Julia Dalphin
Mogogak, Peter Selmayr
Page Street Studios, Sarah Matzke
Pet Project, Ben Kahn
Slow Children Productions, Bryan Ferrante

Group B
Screening on Tuesday, August 18th, at 9:30 pm

Acadia Recording Company, Marc Bartholomew
Big Appetite, Michael Panenka
Buzzell Films, Christopher J. Buzzell
Let's Get It!, Joe Orrigo
Mint Films, Andrew Barbo
O Media, Dovid Muyderman
Overjoyed Productions, Bill Fagley
Really? Films, McCray Gehret
Shoe Slung Films, Jon Cilley
Strongpaw Productions, Allen Baldwin
Tasty Dude Films, Jonathan Blood
Top Down Productions, Zach Smith
West Endie Productions, Ian Clough
Unicovia Pictures, Ahura Z. Diliiza