The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

See below for 2007 results.
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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our Providence winners!

Best Use of Rhode Island
"Made in Japan" by Lightweight Exile

Best Use of Character
"Save Our Sac" by Chickens on a Plane

Best Use of Prop
"Flashback" by Cumby Crew

Best Use of Line of Dialogue
"Peeping Twins" by The Popular Kids from Class

Best Score
"Maggie Blue" by Bait & Tackle Ad Co.

Best SFX [tie]
"The End" by Chaos Pictures
"Superheros Anonymous" by Fast Mummies

Best Production
"The End" by Chaos Pictures

Bravest Supporting Actress
Marilyn Meardon for "Writer's Block" by Daylight Films

Best Actress [tie]
Ellen Becker-Gray for "Writer’s Moon" by Striped Rat Productions
Mary Beth Luzitano for "Tri-Spy Try" by Striving Artists Theatre Company

Best Actor
Andre’ Marcel Boudreau for "Writer’s Block" by Daylight Films

Best Screenplay
"Writer’s Block" by Daylight Films

Best Cinematography
"Writer’s Moon" by Striped Rat Productions

Best Direction
"The End" by Chaos Pictures

Second Runner Up for Best Film
"The Pitch" by LTJ Films

Runner Up for Best Film
"Writer’s Block" by Daylight Films

Best Film
"The End" by Chaos Pictures

Audience Awards

The audience has spoken! What follows are the Audience Awards for the Boston 2007 48 Hour Film Project.

Audience Award, Group A
"Like a Glove" by Bad Lab Productions

Audience Award, Group B
"Maggie Blue" by Bait & Tackle Ad Co.

Audience Award, Group C
"The Pitch" by LTJ Films

Audience Award, Group D
"Writer’s Block" by Daylight Films

Filmmaker Blog

Want to hear about the Providence 48HFP from the filmmakers themselves? Then check out the Providence 48HFP Filmmaker Blog, where Providence 48HFP participants tell us stories of their wild weekend of filmmaking.

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Photo by S. K. Bari.


Character: Connor or Constance Sutton, Publisher
Prop: boots
Line of Dialogue: "Do you know anything about it?"

Best of Providence 2007 DVDs

Best of Providence 2007 DVDs are now available for online purchase. Buy yours!

Thank Yous

First, to our sponsors:
Farnsworth Video
Envision Technology Advisors
Caffe Tazza
Newbury Comics
Trinity Brew House
The Wild Colonial
Rule Broadcast
The Artists’ Exchange

Thanks to our judges
RJ Heim - Rich Lupo - Don Soucy

Special Thanks
Erin Sisk
Red Bull
Toni Ann Baker
The Columbus Theater
The Berberians
Kahn Litwin Renza
Image Icon Entertainment
Christina Ruppert
Ben Guaraldi
The Rhode Island International Film Festival
James Hill
Don Farias
Steven Feinberg
Carol Conley
Ashley Bickford

Some of the generous volunteers without whom none of this would have been possible
Philip Alfonso, Anthony Ambrosino, Mark Aubrey, Marylin Baker, Melissa Bowler, Cain, Broto Chakrabarti, Phil Ciacio, Debbie Conduit, Mary DeBerry, Lana Deym-Campbell, Mark Fogarty, Glenna Goodman, Nealia Khan, Kathy Knight, Todd LeComte, Sarah Lewis, Michele Metivier, Pete, Maura Ryan, J Schaefer, Murray Scott, Lara Sebastian, Claire Severence, David Splinter, Jeremy Spurr, Tim Thibideau, Val, Daniel Lee White.

Other Awards
Thanks to John Connor Meikle, winner of the “Preparedness Award” and to Jessica Lamarre, for the “Earliest Entry”

Providence Teams

Group A

A Vivid Shade of Gray, Julio Vargas
Bad Lab Productions, Kris Kupiec, Bill Dyszel
eLBOW dEEp, Jeff Hodge
Mad Ned Productions, Ned Utzig
NANOSLEATHER, Anthony Ambrosino
NuDirection Pictures, Michael Riley
Open Door Productions, Liam Gallogly
Striving Artists Theatre Company, Mary Beth Luzitano
They’re Using Tools, Melinda Rainsberger
Troublemakers Productions, Josh Brennan
zerolous, Frederick Tindall

Group B

Bait & Tackle Ad Co., Chad Carlberg
darebox productions, Jessica Lamarre
FS Monitor Films, Michael Medeiros
June Vision Productions, Glenna Goodman
Mr. Guadelupe, Ben Crowell
Playomatic, Steven Stuart Baldwin
Space Deli, Alexander Skeen
Team NBA(No Boys Allowed), Lara Sebastian
Team Ramrod, Shane McHugh
Urban Provencal, Dan Langston
vacilando, William Smyth
Weekend Warrior Creations, Kevin Issa

Group C

80 Nights Productions, Darya Zabinski
Briarwood Productions, Rafay Rashid
Chaos Pictures, Janine Moore
Circle Head, Kenny Matias
Eyeris Productions, Aaron Poisson
Full Circle, Michael Brady
Lightweight Exile, Mark Fogarty
LTJFilms, Daniel White
Optokinetic Productions, Steven Grise
Stand Still Pictures, Tim Labonte
Team Edge, Rajah Samaroo
The Popular Kids from Class, Griffin Nash

Group D

Big Blue Catfish, Dan Hypes
Chickens on A Plane, Arty Goldstein
Cumby Crew, Jeremy Duffy
Daylight Films, Michael Day
Deadline Productions, Anthony Medeiros
Fast Mummies, Ricky Laprade
Insidious Intertainment, John Connor Meikle
Neck Punch!, Timothy Bric
Pink Sprinkles, Kristopher avedisian
Striped Rat Productions, paul lawrence
Ten Thousand Productions, David Splinter