The 48 Hour Film Project

The San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project

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Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our San Francisco winners!


Best Use of Character (R. Ramsey, Nurse)

"Main Cabin" by The Reel McCoy’s

Best Use of Prop (Dried-Up Pen)

"Salt Quest" by FreeDirt Media

Best Use of Line of Dialogue ("I’m craving something salty.")

"Main Cabin" by The Reel McCoy’s

Best Use of Genre

"Salt Quest" by FreeDirt Media

Best Titles

"Date #2" by Dorsey Film Group

Best Costumes

"Mercy’s Shadow" by Startoaster

Best Special Effects

"A Hidden Desire" by Vegan Cannibals

Best Original Soundtrack

"Salt Quest" by FreeDirt Media

Best Score

"1900 Lady Lane" by The Wooden Robot

Best Acting

"Doing Time" by Bay Area Pictures

Best Editing

"Hunches" by Xoflow Films

Best Script

"The Write Stuff" by Scattershot

Best Cinematography

"Noah’s Wish" by A Big-Gas Production

Best Directing

"Doing Time" by Bay Area Pictures

Best Film

"The Write Stuff" by ScatterShot

Special Award: Best Pizza Tossing

"Jennifer Gump" by GhostHouse


"Main Cabin" by The Reel McCoys

"1,900 Lady Lane" by The Wooden Robot

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Photo by Daniel Schwen.

San Francisco Teams

A Big-Gas Production, Melody Crawford

AMP & Ink Baby Productions, Maria Picar

Baoumount Pictures, Jeremie Roux

Bay Area Pictures, Ben Hess

Camera 5.1, Robin Edwards

Dorsey Film Group, Steve Dorsey

Fatman & Littleboy Productions, David McClure

FreeDirt Media, Todd Holm

GhostHouse, Brian Doom

Giant Film, Kyle Parker

Island of Misfit Films, Ric Morgan

Missing Piece Productions, Danielle Cohen

MonkeyFresh Studios, Becky Moabius

ScatterShot, Scott Nagle

SF54, Lisa Vincenti

Short Timers, Steve Sprinkles

Startoaster, Barbara Ford

Stolen Pants Productions, Hermione Giffard

team schneider, Dickson Schneider

Team Tic Tac, Paige Bierma

The Gone Nucking Futs Team, Gershom Hildreth

The Reel McCoys, Derek Dukes

The Wooden Robot, Ian Spiro

Vegan Cannibals, Marc Azevedo

Xoflow Films, Mark Brown

Zoeshow, Zoey Barclay