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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners!

Best Use of Character
"May-December" by It Donned On Me

Best Use of Prop
"Detention" by Moderate Hike Productions

Best Use of Line
"Pickup Artist" by Chinese Takeout

Best Use of Genre
"Detention" by Moderate Hike Productions

Best Screenplay
"Snow in the City" by Weird and Grimy

Best Costumes
"El Paraguas" by Team 5 Productions

Best Choreography
"Goyim on the Roof" by Fish Eye Films

Best Sound Design
"Detention" by Moderate Hike Productions

Best Musical Score
"Goyim on the Roof" by Fish Eye Films

Best Cinematography
"Snow in the City" by Weird and Grimy

Best Editing
"Snow in the City" by Weird and Grimy

Best Actress
Katrina Sherwood in "Snow in the City" by Weird and Grimy

Best Actor
Willy Appelman in "May-December" by It Donned On Me

Best Directing
Brett Marty for "Nothing Funny About a Clown in Love" by chronosynclastic infundibulum

Best Film
"Snow in the City" by Weird and Grimy

San Francisco 48HFP Audience Awards

The audience has spoken! The following teams won the audience awards for their respective screenings. Congratulations!

Audience Award Winner: Group A
"May-December" by It Donned On Me

Audience Award Winner: Group B
"Goyim on the Roof" by Fish Eye Films

Audience Award Winner: Group C
"Nothing Funny About a Clown in Love" by chronosynclastic infundibulum

Audience Award Winner: Group D
"Detention" by Moderate Hike Productions

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Photo by Daniel Schwen.

Required Elements

Character  Matthew or Marilyn Perifano, Teacher
Prop  a snow globe
Line  "I don't think you're supposed to hold it like that."

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Screening Groups

Group A
Screening on Wednesday, June 5, 7:00pm

"Replay" by 938, Wesley Cayabyab (Sci-Fi)
"Cycling Hope" by Barewitness Films, Matthew Gardner (Superhero)
"Two Buck Chuck: Bigger, Badder, Greener" by Douche and Barnacle Productions, Adam Morrison (Crime/Gangster)
"Valkyrie" by Dudeth Productions, Daniel Rosen (Horror)
"May-December" by It Donned On Me, Evan Donn (Comedy)
"Missing Marilyn" by SIDE FILMS, Carlos F Puertolas (Buddy Film)
"How To Leave Planet Earth" by Someday Ortega Pictures, Jess Ortega (Found Footage)
"All On The Table" by Square Marden, Richard Gali (Drama)
"Choose Wisely" by Storycake, Edwin Chang (Dark Comedy)
"El Paraguas" by Team 5 Productions, Susie Heyden (Musical or Western)

Group B
Screening on Thursday, June 6, 7:00pm

"Made Marilyn" by eyeQ Films, Richard Lopez (Crime/Gangster)
"Goyim On The Roof" by Fish Eye Films, Mike Malament (Musical or Western)
"A for Effort" by Flat Quack Films, Stefan Perez (Comedy)
"The Preposal" by Hi and Bye Productions, Alexander Deguzman (Mistaken Identity)
"The Interview" by the lying llamas, Naureen Virani (Buddy Film)
"Edie" by NSFW, Matt Cross (Horror)
"Clever Girl and the Cuckoo Caper" by RadioActive Studios, Mark Garoutte (Superhero)
"California Dreamin'" by RoShamBo, Rusty Lindgren (Vacation or Holiday)
"Glimpse" by TagTeam Delta, Louis Martinez (Fantasy)

Group C
Screening on Tuesday, June 11, 9:00pm

"Pickup Artist" by Chinese Takeout, Timothy Hahn (Comedy)
"Nothing Funny About a Clown In Love" by chrono-synclastic infundibulum, Joshua Izenberg (Drama)
"Red Skies" by L.I.F.E, John Neira (Superhero)
"Alley Girl" by Marrvelous Films, David Marr (Crime/Gangster)
"A.R.I.A." by Moviefilm Cinemas, Peter Allen (Operetta)
"Shame" by Seventy Nine, Emmanouil Mothonaios (Thriller/Suspense)
"The Quantum Tabernacle" by SF Impact Films, Rain Dove Dubilewski (Sci-Fi)
"Yoga or Bust" by SixtySixers with Fifi & Fanny, Tom McElroy (Comedy)
"Translocation" by TimeForge Studios, Amitabh Garg (Fantasy)
"Snow In The City" by Weird and Grimy, Eugene Kim (Vacation or Holiday)
"Last Call" by Whiskey Films, Rich Glennon (Mystery)

Group D
Screening on Thursday, June 13, 9:00pm

"The Love Inn" by DVIants, Natashia Stevenson (Vacation or Holiday)
"2 Guys 1 Globe" by Existential Action Team, Julianne Yates (Buddy Film)
"House Warming" by Film Antics, Juan Sotelo (Horror)
"Detention" by Moderate Hike Productions, Samantha Wilson (Thriller/Suspense)
"The Post" by Monday Night Video Club, Rey Flemings (Thriller/Suspense)
"Extra Smooth" by PerroCaliente, Sean Christopher (Dark Comedy)
"Two Terms" by PixieDayWalker Films, Eming Piansay (Crime/Gangster)
"Who Are You?" by Roth Rind Productions, Roth Rind (Mistaken Identity)
"Have We Met?" by Team Rock!t, Lara Brecher (Romance)
"Neurosis" by trivedipictures, Deborah Trivedi (Dark Comedy)

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