The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our Seattle winners!


Best Use of Character (tie)

"Quest For Justice” by PJK - Chase B. Queepher & “Switched” by Albemuth

Best Use of Prop (doormat)

"Hook Her" by GadZook Films

Best Use of Line of Dialogue (tie)

“Mutanation” by Urban Kings & “Renal Dealings” by FDB Entertainment

Best Costumes (tie)

"Fillet" by Play Nice Productions

Best Sound Design

"Dead Even” by No One’s Bigger

Best Music

“Hook Her” by GadZook Films

Special Effects

“Mutanation” by Urban Kings

Best Acting (tie)

“Renal Dealings” by FDB Entertainment & "Switched” by Albemuth

Best Editing

“Anybuddy Home” by Chapter One

Best Script (tie)

“Fistful of Panties” by Whatever I feel like I wanna do, gosh & “Mutanation” by Urban Kings

Best Cinematography

"West Is Won” by SPAG

Best Directing

"Anybuddy Home" by Chapter One

Best Film

“Hook Her” by GadZook Films


"Anybuddy Home" by Chapter One


Best Use of Hip Boots

"Corollary" by Common Descent

Best Titles

"West Is Won” by SPAG

Ed Wood Award

"Moneybags" by Meow

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Seattle Teams

Albemuth, Keith Ballinger

Azzurri, Peter Wick

Bent Penny Productions, Steve Quimby

BI Film Crew, Benjamin Huff

Blowtorch Entertainment, Evan Vickers

Call Off Your Dog! Productions, David Jolosky

Chapter One, Andy McCone

Chrysoprase/Meow productions, Shaun Rollings

Common Descent, Debbe Hirata

FDB Entertainment, Eric Ugland

Fine Grain Films, Benjamin Hasko

GadZook!, Dom Zook

Midnight Storm, James Burke

No One’s Bigger Productions, Don Trujillo

PJK Productions, Anthony Schuman

Play Nice Productions, Bebet Caguin Thomas Beck

RebusFilms, John Boucher

Shoot The Moon Productions, Tim Christensen

Snagbuddy, Alesia Glidewell

Spag, Rob Leitzell

Team Swamper, Clint Berquist

The Brothers Grym, Brendan Broman

The Dexter Jones Experience, David Stone

The NFA, Brian Patterson

Urban Kings, Patrick Gonzales

whatever I feel like I wanna do, gosh!, Seth Gerou

Why Not? Pictures, Royce Buckingham