Seattle, Washington July 12 - 14, 2013

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Challenge Accepted for winning Best Film of 2013. Their film Criminals will go on to represent Seattle against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2014.

1st Place: Best Film of 2013

Criminals by Challenge Accepted

2nd Place: Best Film of 2013

What You Wish For by Alcachofa

3rd Place: Best Film of 2013

Crushed by THE FAMMM

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November 8 - 10, 2013

Required Elements

  • Character: Gino or Gina Asplund, Barista
  • Prop: cheese
  • Line: "There must be something in your ear."

2013 Film List

  • by Transmedia Seattle
  • Truth in Disguise by Voz-K Productions

    nothing is what it seems to be

  • A Hard Place by Honey Toad Studio

    No matter how bad your situation, a few bad decisions can always make it worce

  • A Peacoat, a P.I. & a Predator by Orchestra Pictures

    A woman comes to a cut-rate private detective for help, only to frame him for murdering her stalker.

  • Animal Charm by Ocean's 2

    He has half a mind to complain.

  • attack of the Crustacean Mutation by Jazz

    someone woke up crabby

  • Bound by Wilde Productions

    Guy kills girl in car accident, has to get past the stress after the event

  • Brie by Casual Falconry

    When a local cheese heiress goes missing, things aren't always what they seem to brie.

  • Bum Date by Spectacular Letdown Productions

    It's not as bad as her last date

  • Convicted by SpeetzFire

    Gina killed her mom years ago and got away with it. Today, fear and guilt haunt her.

  • Criminals by Challenge Accepted

    A man struggling to break his criminal habits.

  • Crushed by THE FAMMM

    A retail employee pursues her crush.

  • Dark Corners by Yellow Owl

    An anxious woman turns to her closest friend with her concerns.

  • Dream Girl by JNR Filmgroup

    It's Jaws, but she's the shark.

  • Eternal Blend by Rue Lamartine

    The real reason mormon's don't drink coffee

  • Extended Stay by Real to Reel

    Learn to let go when things get...cheesy

  • Jitters by Bad Elephant

    Strangers wake up in the middle of the forest with no idea how they got there.

  • Just Us by Black Lab Films

    Love comes unexpectidly and unconditionally

  • Kismat Cafe by Rain Films

    Playing dice with death

  • Lost and Found by Team Overshare

    A girl finds an old piece of furniture that changes her life.

  • Mac & Jack by DABtek Entertainment

    Mac's lost his job. Will it be his buddy Jack, or his girlfriend who brings a dose of reality?

  • Man and A Van by Executive Seagulls

    Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

  • Marina by LightForm

    Two sisters living in a devastated world.

  • Meek by Talk It Up

    A mousy office assistant battles with her morality when faced with exposing her boss's Ponzi scheme.

  • Mr.Famous by Team Naked

    Kill, rinse, repeat

  • No More Cheese... by Turning Point Films

    "No More Cheese…" A romantic musical comedy about a man's love for cheese and girl's love for metal.

  • Once a Gangsta by Shoreline C C

    Fighting Hollywood stereotype, Drew strives to be cast a role that breaks the mold.

  • Option B by Red Shed Films

    When life hands you lemons...

  • Parallel by Greater Universe Productions

    Gino, a lonely barista, tries to figure out the mystery behind Gina and the world she lives in.

  • Parties Suck by LeftJet Studios

    Cleaning Blows

  • Perks of Being Caffeinated by Real Reels

    Seattle area residents are terrorized by an alien who takes over a human host and zaps people

  • Prism by DSGNHAVN Films

    Gina Asplund uses her super powers to foil a government conspiracy.

  • Revenant by Far Knight

    Don't piss on grave

  • Rift by HSR

    Two very close brothers have changes come between them as they mature. Will their bond surive?

  • Ship Shifters by Faith vs Fate

    A weary time traveler changes course for 5 women.

  • Sistet's revenge by Troubadours

    A secret agents must rescue her sister and save the planet from destruction.

  • Something more by filmevo

    Power and tribulation

  • Super Heros Ananymous by Team Awesome

    A safe place for Heros to share their feeling and challenges... as heros.

  • Support Group by Bullet Head Films

    Let the Healing Begin

  • The Cheese Whizperer by The Dragons

    The story of a girl and phantom cheese

  • The Devil's Barista by Adventure Star Pictures

    dark roast, served bitter

  • The Emerald City by Nedyken

    Magically whisked to the Emerald City, a suburban Girl seeks the help of strangers to get home.

  • The Excuse by Sweet Pants

    Getting away with it is just the beginning.

  • The Flattest by fiends per second

    You must have something in your ear

  • The Knights of Gnarr by Wit us or a Guinness

    A young boy is sucked into Skatlantis where he becomes The One to overthrow the tyrannical Detrobar.

  • The Moonies by Golden Experience

    And you thought your family was crazy

  • The Passing by Bothellwood Pictures

    A funeral for a friend, who becomes deflated.

  • THUG#2 by Kill Rich Productions

    Aspirations of a video game thug.

  • Tone Death by Piñata badgers

    Zombie wants to make it big in the city

  • Training Orders by Team America

    Orders aren't always meant to be followed

  • Trouble Shootin' by Farhan

    Bad boy meets Sassy Girl with Desert Rose and a Sheriff with a beef to pick.

  • usual guy by Ostenatious Inc.

    it's your life choose to live it

  • Vacation at Kelvin's by Acro Films

    A vacation, a game, a life!

  • Watching Me by Wonder Productions

    Life can be a dream. Some never wake.

  • What You Wish For by Alcachofa

    Gina is stalked by a psychopath, can her neighbor next door save her?

  • Your Compliance Is Appreciated by Wonderpuppet

    A girl slowly coming to terms with a world obsessed with cheese.

  • Yukon Jack by diggUM

    Sherif needs Yukon Jack help to save Miss Dolly.

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