The 48 Hour Film Project

The Singapore 48 Hour Film Project

What Happened During Your Weekend?

The Singapore filmmakers share stories from their wild weekend of filmmaking. (Blogging ended shortly after the filmmaking weekend.)

What happened during our 48HFP

One word to describe it all; YOLO.

That's it.

- Azhar, Motionpunk

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My first experience at the 48 hour film project, really crazy but amazing experience. Luckily we had some team members who made it last year so they could give some advice. Did we follow it? Of course not!

I think if there was an award for 'Quickest Assembled Team' we would win. I heard of the festival some time ago and I definitely wanted to be in. But last Tuesday I realized that it was that very weekend. What??!? Anyway, thanks to the "interested in joining a team" I found Brian who did editing and AD, Krishna who was camera and DOP and Raj, who owns his own production company and could bring actors and sound people. So we were very lucky, but specially because all those people were A-MAZING.

One thing we had clear was to play safe: 1 indoor location (my place, who turned into a war scene, I think I'll never get rid of the wax on my table). Anyway, best decision ever, you don't depend on anything external to you (which might be bad, because if the movie is crap we don't have anything to blame but ourselves). Then we developed a story with an interesting twist and maybe too much dialogue but hey, there we go.

Everything started well but then we forgot the tripod and had to send one of the actors to go for it. Saturday, shop opens at 9.30, missed taxis, traffic jams. We lost a couple of hours there so we had to take the decision: replace the actor. Who could that be? Well, we were lucky enough that we had among us the SECOND WORST ACTOR ever in the history of moviemaking... me (I won't reveal the worst of all out of respect). So there I was, directing AND acting (it's a bad idea, I tell you).

We started at 6 in the morning with rehearsals and setting the lights and continue filming during all the day. That night I had slept 3 hours, writing a quick script and preparing some storyboards, that HELPED a lot (but I didn't finished them on time, not enough time). Everybody did a great job and more than anything, I think we had fun. Our story was a bit scary so we had some scary moments just out of fun (tv going on, whispering on actresses' ears...).

Next day, full day editing. The editor had slept 3 hours, syncing all the audio and making a very helpful "put all the good shots together". It was a collaborative process, trying to get the idea from the story on screen. It's such an important process, everything changes in editing. Next time I will use less time for shooting and more for editing. Maybe having a guy or a girl talk to the camera about life for 5 minutes... done in half an hour!

Then we balanced sound (please pay attention to sound, it's sooo, so important), color corrected in 5 minutes, credits, creative commons music, some last minute sound effect, render and go. We finished at 8.10pm. Shall we take a taxi or train? It's rush hour, forget the taxi (good call). We arrived at 8.45pm just in time. Some other teams were finishing the last details, I hope they all made it in time.

So, mission complete!
Great work, all the crew and cast.

- Jesus Diez Perez, 10 PRODUCTIONS

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What an insane weekend - with no sleep at all, we managed to pull together something JUST in time.

Started filming really late, at 3pm on SATURDAY, due to casting and script !! EEEK!

Luckily we caught up fast - shooting most of the scenes within a few hours... but then .... the final scene was an absolute mess! We ended up changing location (due to daylight! AHH!) and then had to shoot an epic chase scene inside a tiny location!


The edit of course was a MAJOR rush - but luckily we cut it together SUPER fast, making it only 4 minutes - short and sharp!

Due to the crazy time limitation, the "action" scene ended up escalating pretty fast - ha ha - so hence we ended up with the title:


It was SUCH a fun weekend, and we even filmed behind the scenes!! CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE!

-- Love Team FilmBeers!


- Jacqui Hocking, FilmBeers!

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