The 48 Hour Film Project

48 Go Green

Important 48 Go Green Disclaimer

The 48 Hour Film Project is no longer affiliated with the 48 Go Green or Creamy White Inc. in any way. Our one time involvement in 2011 led to irreconcilable differences with our partners forcing us to cancel our participation.


The winners of the 48 Go Green have been announced!

Best Film
"Charlie the Man who Brought Back the Sea" by Gadoev (Bologna, Italy)

Runner Up for Best Film
"Collecting Hope" by Monarch Media Studios Inc (Bloomington, IN, USA)

Second Runner Up for Best Film
"The Phantom Draw" by FUGO Studios (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Fourth Place
"ER" by MAF (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Fifth Place
"To the Land of the Setting Sun" by Monsieur Soeur (Portland, OR, USA)


Congratulations to the sixteen semi-finalists for the 48 Go Green, which will all screen at NABShow in Las Vegas!

From our live cities, we have:

  • "The Climate Engineer" by Chronosynclastic Infidibulum (San Francisco, CA, USA)
  • "Dirty Business" by Xyro Productions (Houston, TX, USA)
  • "The Phantom Draw" by FUGO Studios (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  • "Shooting For Tomorrow" by Busted Knuckle Boogie (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
  • "Thumbosis" by Playomatic (Boston, MA, USA)
  • "To the Land of the Setting Sun" by Monsieur Soeur (Portland, OR, USA)
  • "Tracers" by District Wolves (Washington, DC, USA)
  • "Watered Down" by Team 1A (New York, NY, USA)

And from our on-line competition, we have:

  • "Charlie the Man who Brought Back the Sea" by Gadoev (Bologna, Italy)
  • "Collecting Hope" by Monarch Media Studios Inc (Bloomington, IN, USA)
  • "ER" by MAF (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • "Flora" by Contagious Media Productions (Raleigh, NC, USA)
  • "Homeless" by Demode Production (Athens, Greece)
  • "Let it Bee" by Wake Up (Montreuil, France)
  • "Power Jockey" by Mint Films (Portland, ME, USA)
  • "Unspoken" by Square Marden (Castro Valley, CA, USA)

What is the 48 Go Green?

We think that 48HFP filmmakers, the boldest and most creative in the world, are the best people to draw attention to the environmental challenges the world faces. To that end, we created a new 48HFP competition: the 48 Go Green.

Just like the 48HFP, the 48 Go Green challenges you to make a narrative short film in only 48 hours, writing, shooting, and editing it. But, to mix things up, this challenge has some slightly different rules than the 48HFP.

  • Environmental Themes. Teams were randomly assigned a theme for their films which has to do with the environment. The themes are: animals, energy, the environment in general, forests, the next generation, the planet, the sea, and water.
  • No genre assignment. Teams got to pick their own genres.
  • Elements. We still provided teams with a character, prop, and a line of dialogue which must appear in their films.


The grand prize winner receives $5000! Second place recieves $2000, and third place receives $1000. Winners will screen at the Cannes Short Film Corner and at NABShow in Las Vegas. City Winners will receive free entry to their regular 48HFP competition later in 2011. Three finalists will receive travel to Las Vegas. For more information about prizes, click here. For more information about judging, click here.

Brought to you by...

The 48 Go Green is brought to you by the 48 Hour Film Project in association with the creators of the Athens 48 Go Green, Francesco Vitali and Christos Siametis; and award-winning filmmaker, author, and environmental activist Sebastian Copeland, director of Into the Cold.


Live City Teams

Acting A Fool (Washington, DC)
Actors with Strings (Washington, DC)
AIR (Boston)
Asian Mainstream Productions (San Francisco)
Awesomer (Washington, DC)
The Banzai Institute (New York)
bernard balsewich and sons (New York)
Blue Luck (Los Angeles)
the Blue Rhino Productions (Washington, DC)
Bontrager Twins (Atlanta)
Boot Camp Mafia (Los Angeles)
BSG Productions (Los Angeles)
Bumbled Ink Productions (Los Angeles)
Burn Brothers Productions (Portland, Oregon)
Burn the Ships Entertainment (Houston)
Burning House Society (Washington, DC)
Busted Knuckle Boogie (Los Angeles)
cardsharque (Washington, DC)
Chouhood Productions (Boston)
chrono-synclastic infundibulum (San Francisco)
Cinema Queso (Portland, Oregon)
Cinemasolo (New York)
Circle Slash Productions (Atlanta)
Cogito Productions (Atlanta)
Collective Subconscious Productions (Boston)
Conservatory Productions (Washington, DC)
Couch Surfer Productions (Los Angeles)
Craftmaster (Portland, Oregon)
Creative Studios of Atlanta (Atlanta)
Cro-Magnon Pictures (Portland, Oregon)
Crowded Elevator Pictures (Washington, DC)
Cup O' Meat Productions (New York)
Damn Hippies (Portland, Oregon)
DFJ Productions (Atlanta)
The Digital Movie Company (New York)
Distilled Pictures (San Francisco)
District Wolves (Washington, DC)
doactcrazy (Atlanta)
Downhill Productions (San Francisco)
Dream a New Reality (Portland, Oregon)
Drop Table Productions (New York)
Earth Sandwich (Houston)
Earth, Wind & Fire (Los Angeles)
East West Films (Washington, DC)
Eco-Edification (New York)
80th St. Studios (Portland, Oregon)
Evolve Productions (Los Angeles)
EXITmedia (San Francisco)
EyeQ Films (San Francisco)
Faustus Films (Washington, DC)
Fetus in Fetu Productions (Portland, Oregon)
The Fishmongers (New York)
Fitweed (Boston)
4QR98 Pass! (San Francisco) (Los Angeles)
FRIDGE and the FILM GODS (San Francisco)
FUGO Studios (Atlanta)
GadZook Films (Los Angeles)
Galaxy454 (New York)
Gators (Boston)
Goodman-go! Productions (Boston)
A Green Piece (Boston)
Grizzly Productions (Los Angeles)
The Groton Greenies (Boston)
Hammer Films (Houston)
HCQ Productions / Electric Hobo (Los Angeles)
Hedgehog Films (San Francisco)
Honey F Productions (Houston)
Hot Pixel Action! (Houston)
Hubris Films (Portland, Oregon)
Idea Chops (Houston)
In the Car Media (Boston)
In the Red Films (Portland, Oregon)
InOurSity Films (Houston)
Ironic T-Shirt (Los Angeles)
It Donned On Me (San Francisco)
The Jenner House (Houston)
Joseph Road Studios (New York)
K3WL Productions (Washington, DC)
Kakaroach (New York)
Karma vs Mojo (Washington, DC)
Kohl Slaw Productions (Atlanta)
Krisp Productions (Washington, DC)
Laughing Yogi (Los Angeles)
Limbo Films (Portland, Oregon)
The Lions (Washington, DC)
LUMI Productions (New York)
Lyve Media (Boston)
Malarkey Films (Boston)
Man vs Film Productions (Portland, Oregon)
MANTICORE (Washington, DC)
Meltdown (Washington, DC)
Moment of Truth (Portland, Oregon)
Monsieur Soeur (Portland, Oregon)
Morning Wood Productions (Houston)
Moustache Motion Pictures (Washington, DC)
Nadler Cinematic (Boston)
New Muse Films (Washington, DC)
No Rhyme or Reason (San Francisco)
Non-Prophets (Washington, DC)
Old Studio Productions (New York)
Ollin Studios (Portland, Oregon)
1.6 gpf (Washington, DC)
Out-of-Towners (New York)
Ovation Pictures (San Francisco)
Over Again (Atlanta)
Paper Free (New York)
Perfect Strangers (Portland, Oregon)
Perfect Time To Panic Productions (Houston)
Pix R Us (Washington, DC)
Plastic Productions (Atlanta)
Playomatic (Boston)
PSU-TV and friends (Portland, Oregon)
Q+ (Atlanta)
Rational Spirit (Atlanta)
Red Pill Productions (Washington, DC)
Reel Magic (Portland, Oregon)
"reel sons!" (Boston)
Revolver Films (Washington, DC)
RIOT Atlanta (Atlanta)
Rodney DangerFilms (Portland, Oregon)
Rubber Biscuits (Houston)
Ruman (Los Angeles)
Scio Films (Washington, DC)
Shameless Films (Los Angeles)
Smith Brothers (San Francisco)
Star in Heart (Los Angeles)
Steak In A Suit Productions (Washington, DC)
StudentsRus (Atlanta)
Team 1A (New York)
Team Awesome (New York)
Team Fortress Cinema (Los Angeles)
Team Hawaiianstein (Los Angeles)
Team Name (Los Angeles)
The Tender Beam (San Francisco)
THIRTY90NE (Los Angeles)
This Iron Age Pig (New York)
tiny mini films (Portland, Oregon)
TJ Night Productions (Portland, Oregon)
To Be Determined (Washington, DC)
Tohubohu (Washington, DC)
Tomato Boy Productions (Los Angeles)
Tree Huggers (Washington, DC)
Tumult Productions (San Francisco)
2LiveFilmKrew (Los Angeles)
Uncharted Pictures (Los Angeles)
Verbal Frame (Portland, Oregon)
Viral Media Network (San Francisco)
Voodoo Studios (Houston)
Wax Idiotical Films (Boston)
White Flame Studios (Atlanta)
White Moon Pictures (Los Angeles)
Wobbly (Houston)
Woge Sloth (Washington, DC)
Xyro Productions (Houston)
Zander & Leland Productions (New York)

On-Line Teams

A-TEAM (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Actors Loft (Detroit, USA)
Adernath und Weltstain (Hamburg, Germany)
aerial v (Guisborough, United Kingdom)
Aisle 12 (Chicago, USA)
Albartist (Tirana, Albania)
An Alright Start (Greensboro, USA)
Antimatter Cloud Productions (Denver, USA)
Apache (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Arch House Pictures (Singapore, Singapore)
Argus 3 (Ann Arbor, USA)
Attempting Fate (Greensboro, USA)
Austin Ecological Films (Austin, USA)
Bad Jasses (Dearborn, USA)
Bailiwick Studios (Salt Lake City, USA)
Bak Choy (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
BayouAthena (New Orleans, USA)
Beaming Sunland (Chicago, USA)
Ben Hughes Studios (Minneapolis, USA)
Berry Productions (Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom)
Best Friends (Middleburg, USA)
Best of the Rest (Minneapolis, USA)
Better Than Figs (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Beyond borders (San Francisco, USA)
BFI Films (Unknown, USA)
Bheema Studios (Sydney, Australia)
Black Reign (Baltimore, USA)
blue (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
Borderooi (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Broken Pictures (Greater Madison Area, USA)
Broodje Aap (Sint Jansteen, Netherlands)
Camarilla Prod (Paris, France)
Camposcuro (Austin, USA)
Circa Productions (Burnsville, USA)
Cluck Justice Films (Indianapolis, USA)
Collision Pictures (St. Paul, USA)
Concrete Rose Productions (Brighton, United Kingdom)
Contagious Media Productions (Raleigh, USA)
Control Alt Delete (Rochester Hills, USA)
Currency of Life (Hollister, USA)
demode production (Athens, Greece)
Digital Juice Productions (Rio Rancho, USA)
digital shadow (Chicago, USA)
Dirty Borders (Chicago, USA)
Disposable Films (Miami, USA)
Distinguished Catfish (Paducah, USA)
Dragon Farm Productions (Los Altos, USA)
The Dream Team (Cleveland, USA)
East2West Productions (Seattle, USA)
eco ging (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Eco-Bots (Unknown, USA)
EnLighthouse Entertainment (San Diego, USA)
Ensome (Managua, Nicaragua)
FasFlix (Redding, USA)
Fast Food Films (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
The Faucet Drinkers (Lexington, USA)
the ferocious wolves (Paris, France)
FFFilmmakers (Patra, Greece)
Five OH Five productions LLC (Corrales, USA)
Floating Horizon (Broadview Heights, USA)
FlyingDutchmen (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Fools and Film Productions (Louisville, USA)
four58 (London, United Kingdom)
Fruwaukoo Films (Norwalk, USA)
Gadoev (Bologna, Italy)
Ganzi (Roma, Italy)
Get it Togeher (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Good as a Mugg (Greensboro, USA)
Grab Bag (Jacksonville, USA)
Green Mountain Green (Newbury, USA)
greenchicago (Chicago, USA)
Greenman Films (Rosamond, USA)
GRFilms (London, United Kingdom)
Haight-Ashbury Coalition (Dallas, USA)
Half Vast Films (Leesburg, USA)
Hands Off Productions (New Albany, USA)
hidef (Albuquerque, USA)
Hixson Movie Makers (Chattanooga, USA)
House of H (Yorktown, USA)
i CITY (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
Idle Entertainment (Buffalo, USA)
IFN NOLA (New Orleans, USA)
In Translation (London, United Kingdom)
Jack Horner Productions (Indianapolis, USA)
Jpixx Films (Virginia Beach, USA)
JuiceBox Pros (Nashville, USA)
The K6 Gang (Ha Noi, Vietnam)
Kare Bear Pictures (Orlando, USA)
kk (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
The Kumquats (Geneva, Switzerland)
La Mouette (Brussels, Belgium)
LAME_Productions (Albuquerque, USA)
The Last Leaf Productions (Mumbai, India)
Le Petit Studio (Paris, France)
Leaping Lizard (Baltimore, USA)
Left at the Cow (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
Les Cagouilles (Paris, France)
Les Gens Discrets (Paris, France)
Less Is More (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Lindele Media (Albuquerque, USA)
The London Film Collective (London, United Kingdom)
The Loop (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Loto Film (Rome, Italy)
Machinimatrix (KΓΆln, Germany)
Mad World Laboratories (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Made For TV Productions (Mount Washington, USA)
MAF (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Magic Films (New Orleans, USA)
Magic Moment Productions (London, United Kingdom)
Man-Like Machines (Portland, USA)
Medio Ambiente (San Diego, USA)
Melodic Artist (Macon, USA)
Metro Swarm Intelligence (Detroit, USA)
MFTA (Davie, USA)
Milquetoast Productions (St. Louis, USA)
MINT FILMS (Portland, USA)
Monarch Media Studios INC (Bloomington, USA)
Monstros Madre (Philadelphia, USA)
No Naked Lights (Central, Hong Kong)
old style (Roma, Italy)
One Handsome Man (Chicago, USA)
Open Fields Productions (Cosenza, Italy)
OTEK (Airmont, USA)
Out of Stock (Edgewood, USA)
OYC (Paris, France)
Parengo Productions (Sikeston, USA)
pepe (Hanoi, Vietnam)
PePe Productions (Bry-sur-Marne, France)
Phantom Media (Oia, Greece)
Phoenix Productions (Cologne, Germany)
Planet Earth (London, United Kingdom)
Popsicle Productions (Albuquerque, USA)
PPP (Lisbon, Portugal)
Practice Makes Breakfast (Toronto, Canada)
Punchbelly Pictures (West Chester, USA)
Purple Moon Films (New Orleans, USA)
Racoon pictures (Annapolis, USA)
Rain Films (Unknown, USA)
Red Fox Pictures (Durban, South Africa)
Reel Fun (Indianapolis, USA)
richfilm (London, United Kingdom)
Robotic Iris (Burnsville, USA)
Rorschach Pictures (Pretoria, South Africa)
Rumble Fishes (Paris, France)
SBH (Denver, USA)
Shams (Kuala lumpur, Malaysia)
Shark Punch (Richmond, USA)
Skypeople (Den Haag, Netherlands)
Snow Bird Pictures (Orlando, USA)
Sons of Liberty (Nashville, USA)
Soupe du Jour (Durham, USA)
Space of Love (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Square Marden (Castro Valley, USA)
Stabbing My Jelly! (New York, USA)
Stop Eco Abuse (Toronto, Canada)
Stumptown (Madison, USA)
Super Sanket (Mumbai, India)
Symmetry of 3 Productions (Greensboro, USA)
T-130 Productions (Detroit, USA)
TBD (Buffalo, USA)
Team Awesome (Seattle, USA)
Team Fusion (Juno Beach, USA)
Team HiHo! (Louisville, USA)
Team Last to Enter (Des Moines, USA)
Team Midas (Valhalla, USA)
ThinkFish Media (Breda, The Netherlands)
3rd Shift (Greensboro, USA)
Torpedo Buoy (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Trifecta Plus Entertainment (Albuquerque, USA)
the 21st century Club (Boulogne Billancourt, France)
Two and a half Eco Terrorists (Calgary, Canada)
2Degrees Less (london, United Kingdom)
Ultimatum Pictures (Albuquerque, USA)
Unabandoned Works (Baltimore, USA)
Underachiever (London, United Kingdom)
vavazoom (Sydney, Australia)
Wake Up (Montreuil, France)
West Grace Productions (Richmond, USA)
What If Productions (Cincinnati, USA)
What's in it for tina (Cincinnati, USA)
Yard Gnome (Redlands, USA)
Young Media (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)