These Dirty Words Rotterdam, NL 48HFP 2014

SYMPTOMES D’AMOUR Montpellier, FR 48HFP 2014

I-Charon Seattle, WA 48HFP 2014

Stoorzender Antwerp, BE 48HFP 2014

The Fine Artists Four Points Film Project 2014

EVT Saint Louis, MO 48HFP 2014

POP! Amsterdam, NL 48HFP 2014

KISMET Mexico 48HFP 2014

Soldier 888 Beirut, LB 48HFP 2014

Contrary to Likeness Nashville, TN 48HFP 2014

Thunder and Ash San Antonio, TX 48HFP 2014

Tarot Cairo, EG 48HFP 2014

そんな愛のはなし Osaka, JP 48HFP 2014

Nina Santa Cruz de la Sierra, BO 48HFP 2014

Geen Klote! Amsterdam, NL 48HFP 2013

La Bouillabase Rome, IT 48HFP 2013

Le Metronome Paris, FR 48HFP 2013

Mama's As Nijmegen, NL 48HFP 2013

Wishful Thinking Washington, DC 48HFP 2013

Coverage Los Angeles, CA 48HFP 2013

Don't Shoot the Cat Johannesburg, ZA 48HFP 2013

Flash Melbourne, AU 48HFP 2013

Le Grand Ecart Lausanne, CH 48HFP 2013

わたしのお菓子 Osaka, JP 48HFP 2013

W oparach Nikisza Katowice, PL 48HFP 2013

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