48 Hour Film Horror Project Genres

Everything begins with the Kickoff Event on Friday night where you will draw a genre out of a hat and receive your required elements.

Each team will draw a genre - the catch? They're all horror genres!!

Genre Selection

At the Kickoff Event, each team draws one of these genres from a hat:

  • Asylum/Insanity
  • Found Footage (see below)
  • Funhouse/Carnival/Freaks
  • Gore/Slasher/Splatter
  • Gothic/Vampire
  • Mad Scientist/Frankenstein
  • Monster/Creature Feature
  • Natural Horror
  • Psychic Powers
  • Psychological
  • Satanic/Demon Possession
  • Sci Fi
  • Serial Killer
  • Spoof/Parody
  • Supernatural

Your film must be true to the genre you have selected — and no trading with other teams! You may combine genres (e.g., a silent comedic buddy film).

Wild Card Genres

After genres have been selected, filmmakers will be given the option to trade in their genre for a Wild Card Genre. Once you switch, you can't switch back!

  • B Movie
  • Cannibalism
  • Ghost Movie
  • Musical
  • Witchcraft
  • Zombie

Found Footage

Found Footage is a genre of filmmaking in which part of a film is presented as discovered film or video recordings, sometimes left behind by missing or dead protagonists.

Often, the events on screen are seen through the camera of one of the characters involved. But there are many kinds of 'found' footage including security and nanny-cams.

Popular examples are The Blair Witch Project (1999), Paranormal Activity (2007) and Cloverfield (2008). All footage, although appearing to be found, must be shot within the 48 Hour Film period. The film does not have to be a horror film.

Every second counts...
...when you have 48 hours to make a film!