Houston 48 Hour Music Video Project

October 4 - 6, 2013

The 48 Hour Music Video Project visted Houston the weekend of October 4 - 6, 2013. Bands (or songwriters) and filmmakers from all over the Houston area teamed up to see who can make the best music video in only 48 hours.

Spotlight on...

Devil Killing Moth

Press the play button above to listen - this is an example of the artist's work and is not necessarily the song that will be used for the music video.

Band Members
Dan Oviedo, Vocals & 12 String Guitar
Anton de Guzman, Guitar & Back Up Vocals
Ryan Galbraith, Drums
Chris Dunaway, Bass & Back Up Vocals

Genre: Alternative Acoustic Rock

Location: Houston

Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/devilkillingmoth

Devil Killing Moth is a four-piece acoustic garage band. The combination of acoustic guitars and effected sounds bring a fusion of acoustic singer-songwriter going for a walk in a warped candyland.

Devil Killing Moth bring its own flare in the eclectic Houston music scene. From various backgrounds and upbringing, the collaboration of these guys have always put a stop on finding the best way to describe their sound. Listen to a couple of their songs from the last album "Once I Used to Dream" and see if you can pinpoint the sound. But whether there is a genre for DKM or not, its music still resounds in genuine message of believing that everyone is capable of great things.

Devil Killing Moth started as a two piece acoustic band from the minds of Dan Oviedo and Anton De Guzman. The sound is original, spacey, and very deep, with a blend of guitar effects and vocal melodies coming from a 12 string acoustic and a resonator. Recently added member Ryan Galbraith on drums, the sound formed a complete infusion of energy and sound.

Already setting a good following in Houston, New Orleans, and Austin, they hope to spread more of their music to those open to hear them. Releasing their third album "Once I Used To Dream" they have transformed from a simple but emotionally driven thought to an intriguing experience worth capturing.

Since the album's release, Devil Killing Moth has appeared on Houston's Alternative Scream TV show, and has received airplay on local Pacifica Radio, KPFT, WTUL, and various online stations such as Local Live Houston. And also performing for wonderful causes like Sidewalk Project, and benefit shows.

No boundaries are set, as Devil Killing Moth continues spread the word of their music.

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